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Monday, October 14, 2013

Rabbits Ultra Rap

We never thought we'd get of town
Man oh man the rain came down

Finally we got close to CanLake
It was close to midnight for goodness sake!

Two foxes and a man on a bike-

Sights you just don't normally see at night!

Managed to get some good night's sleep
Didn't have to get up to early you see!

It was a  beautiful day for an ultra run-
Team Rabbit and the Rabbittears were ready for some fun!

Team Rabbit was welcomed when we  arrived for packet pick up
Folks knew us from the FB group due to Sally's write up!

We took the bus to the start of our race
Saw Sally on Bopple Hill - she was keeping the pace!

Got to the marina where the 50k was to begin-
Saw our handler P-Diddy - our Number One Fan!

A little behind schedule from a shuttle bus snafu.
Minutes to use the porta potty? Only a few!

Burpee challenge was in the twelfth day...
Actually got the first one out of the way!

Lined up at the back of the parking lot -
"On your mark, get set, go!" was all that we got!

First rest stop at Monica's Pies-
Porta potty there to our pleasant surprise!

We went back and forth with a couple of men -
They asked were we doing 5 and 1 like them?

No we said 4 and 1 was our plan -
We said, "have a great race" and off they ran!

Saw our "Handler" near our first official rest stop -
Such great scenery for a nice photo op!

Saw many caterpillars going back and forth on the road.
We guess they were headed to their abode!

Made it to the aid station at mile 5.4 -
"Can I fill up your water bottle?" Why sure!!

Table was fully stocked and they were very kind -
Silly Rabbit tried Gu Chomps for the very first time!

The Rabbits hopped along on our merry way -
A girl said she'd been looking for the rabbits - made our day!

RunRabbit Run is a 50 miler out in Colorado...
A man ran by and said, "You gotta go!"

As we ran along we realized there's something we forgot.
We didn't do our burpees at the last aid stop!

The next aid station was the only cut off time;
Made it there, did two burpees and felt just fine!

Seems they were rationing the supply of Gu Brew -
We snagged just enough to see us through!

We saw our 
Number One Fan again;
She gave us some beverages and made us grin!

Soon after we hit our first climb -
That Cat 5 hill stayed on our mind!

Energizer Bunny was happy for all the downhill -
But Silly Rabbit really thought it was a pill!

Finally the downhill came to an end -
Aid station in sight as the road took an end!

The course took us on an out and back -
Most stay focused to stay on track!

Reconvened at aid station number three -
Dropped to the ground and did 3 burpees!

Time to get moving - we have to go!!
We saw P-Diddy again - what'd you know?!

Next we were on to a series of climbs -
The Cat 4 never ending hill simply blew our mind!

Finally made it to aid station four -
After this there was only two more!

That's when Energizer Bunny had a panic attack -
There was a yellow jacket bee on the brim of her hat!

Silly Rabbit really had to pee -
Hide behind the umbrella so no one can see! 

Now it was time to hit the road again -
"Only" a half marathon to go till the end!

Now it was time to break out the tunes-
Musical motivation put us over the moon!

We asked P-Diddy about What's Up Doc's race...
She said she keeps missing her with her very fast pace!

Next we arrived at the fifth aid station -
We could get lessons from them in organization!

Here we got to see P-Diddy again -
Team Rabbit also made a new friend!

A girl got out of the car for a photo -
She wanted it with Team Rabbit don't you know!

After more burpees it was time to move along.
With music playing we kept singing our songs!

Met Bosco and Gracie our new canine friends.
Keeping our spirits up - it must be a trend!

We hit the marathon mark during this stretch -
There was absolutely no time to kvetch!!!

Finally hit the last aid stop.
Two more burpees - to the ground we did drop!

Just 3.7 miles was all we had to go -
Then, "we're ultramarathoners!" we could crow!

Less than a mile to go we had a downhill of grass?!
We just hoped we wouldn't fall on our @$$!!

The finish line was a wonderful sight -
We finished strong and there was still daylight!!

We are Ultramarathoners!
We regrouped and took a picture with What's Up Doc
Then had some chocolate cake that hit the spot!

Went to our hotel room so we could clean up.
Then back to the finish to see Sally and say "S'up?"

Parked the truck and put the bright lights on that grass hill.
So Sally and her running "escorts" wouldn't take a spill!!

Sally is now headed to the finish line
We drove over there in the nick of time!!

She finished the 50-miler with all her heart
The race director gave her a medal - that's the best part!!

CanLake50Ultras was an awesome event
Sally's recommendation was heaven sent!

All the folks involved were incredibly nice!
Would Team Rabbit recommend it? We wouldn't think twice!!

A very special shout out to our Number One Fan..
She's truly the BEST HANDLER in all the land!

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