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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NYC to Cambridge Rap

STUR and JRab went on the train to New York City-
STUR and JRab, all cleaned up!

For the wedding of Anna and Emre - it went rather zippy!
Super fun themes!

The wedding itself was certainly the highlight:
Nice view!

The ceremony, food, and DJ playing ABBA was out of sight!!
Museum selfie!!

Museums, Central Park, and many subway rides...
What a group!

Nice to have a big family group by their side.
Meanwhile, PBun went over yonder towards Cambridge
Did she have a swim/bike/run race planned? Yes – a smidge!
On Friday afternoon she headed out
Was traffic was great? Without a doubt!
Got checked in to her hotel in Easton then hit up the store
A couple gallons of water and some snacks – score!
Saturday morning she was up bright and early
After breakfast headed out to do a bike course preview, surely!
A quick stop at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center
Which she planned to visit later, for sure
Maddie outside the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

Once done, she tested the shuttle bus system over to GreatMarsh Park
That is where the Athlete Village was – this was not a lark!
PBun is excited to check in!

Got checked in and hit up the IM store for a few goodies
A pint glass, a name T, and cute tank, if you please!
Checking out the swim course views!

Back at the hotel she gathered up Trixie
Time to get her checked in you see
From the shuttle lot she rode her over to the Village
Only 2.5 miles – a pretty short pilgrimage
PBun will see YOU tomorrow, finish line!

Most everything seemed to be in working order
But she adjusted a little brake rub, on the spur
Trixie is racked and ready!

Next she headed over to the Harriet Tubman Visitor Center
Such an amazing experience albeit a bit somber
This bust is on a platform and they stand 5 feet tall.
This is an actual representation of Harriet's height!

Again back at the hotel it was time to get organized
Because Sunday would be very early to rise!
Caught up with Morgan in transition
To wetsuit or not was their discussion!
PBun had already planned to go sans
Morgan decided the same, understand?
They took a pre-race dip to check out the water
And met Erin who was racing all the way from Australia!
Soon it was time to go get lined up for the rolling start
The cannon booms were loud! They did their part!
Quick hello from Lesley - Morgan's other half
She took PBun's crappy flip flops to the trash!
PBun felt like she had a smooth swim
And was pleased with her time when she got to the end!
Up the ramp and run into transition
Finding Trixie was her next mission!
Mission accomplished and time to ride
Only 56 miles underneath mostly cloudy skies
Happily there didn’t seem to be much wind
Though PBun always says it’s her friend!
Nice to cruise through the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
At more than 28,000 acres, this place is huge!
One very interesting thing that she saw
Was a dude riding a quad bike with a dog!
Would you believe she had to state “passing on your right?”
Not once. Not twice. But actually thrice!
Before long she was rolling back into town
And only a half marathon to go? No time to frown!
She hit T2 and changed in to her bunny running shoes
Donned her ears and headed for the run out chute!
The ears got plenty of love as along the way
And saw a few familiar faces, too – yay!
Shout out from Morgan at about 1/3 through
He only had 1/3 left – it’s true!
Finally she was at the halfway point
They were serving SNO-CONES in the joint!
PBun partook in one that was grape flavored
And that cool treat she definitely savored!
Along this section that there were lots of mosquitoes
Now she is paying the price, don’t you know!
But happy that she was on her way back
Though now the sun was out to stay, isn’t that whack?
Before long she was back at the park and made the final turn
There’s the finisher’s chute and a medal she will earn!
PBun did it!

After a quick bite she gathered her things
Back to the shuttle bus with Trixie
They made it on – the last passenger
And wrapped up a nice race weekend that went by in a blur!
PBun raced for her friend Debbie who is fighting ALS
Please consider helping out Debbie directly at #NortonStrong or the #WarOnALS
This race was a walk in the park compared to Debbie's fight.

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