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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Bang Up Rap

Independence Day weekend started off with a bang,
STUR and STEB went shooting with their gang!
AST is a Sweet Outdoor Pool!

But first up was the annual tri tradition
This year an aqua bike for STEB was her mission
For the kick AST tri STUR and B-now-JRab were going to do a relay -
JRab was going to bike - you don't say?
STUR was going to do a splash and dash -
First up she'd be in and out of the pool in a flash.
JRab was up next and ready to mount his ride -
Turns out STEB would be his AUsome guide.
JRab's Trusty Steed!
JRab got the bike done enjoying the not so flat terrain...,
And believe it or not - the next day he wasn't in pain!
STUR went ahead and completed her 5k -
STUR and JRab were so glad they came to play!!
RBug was there just to do the bike
Just got back from vacation so that was outta sight!
RBug and STEB!

Mike and Joe were again the wonderful hosts
Is the event fun? Yes, it’s the most!
Mike and STEB!
Happy Finishers!
Afterwards some rabbits headed out for target practice -STUR worked on some new aiming tactics.
Targeting Tips!

STEB worked on her aiming skills, too
And she can load up to 10 bullets now, it’s true!
Range Selfie!

After the shooting they’d worked up an appetite –
As is tradition, off to Five Guys for a bite!
Sunday morning dawned cool and cloudy -
But a bunch of rabbits showed up to swim and said, "Howdy!"
Rabbits and Friends ready to swim!

CBun had a great swim even though out of the water for a while;
Jodie made seven laps and that made her smile!
RBud also enjoyed her time in the river -
But then had to turn on the heat in her car so she didn't shiver!
The Beast continued to kick booty in her swim comeback...
She swam two miles and is right on track!
WUD swam as much as she could in a half hours time -
Later this month at IMLP she will shine!
STUR was very happy with her 11 laps...
She thinks having a goal helped, perhaps?
Meanwhile, STEB was a busy bee...
She was having people over later you see!
Errands to run and lots of things to do -
Her sons helped her out so that was pretty cool.
The reason for the gathering was a pretty neat:
Patrick had come to town and that was a treat!
Pat and his Pussies!

Lots of folks contributed lots of good things
And some watermelon slices had a little zing!
These Watermelon Slices are not for Kids!

STEB’s Aunt Shirley was excited to meet CBun
She watches her on WBAL – isn’t that fun?!
CBun and Aunt Shirley!

Monday of course was America’s birthday
There were workouts to do before celebrating the U.S.A.!
STUR and STEB met up at MVCF
For the 9AM WOD that included the shoulder press!
There was also some slam ball time -
It involved STEB’s favorite: 21-15-9!
After the WOD STUR participated in 13 Stars and 50 Bars
She thinks it was the most fun booty camp so far!
Later on it was party time, American-style
Over at RBug's - hadn't seen them in a while!
The night wasn't complete with out a fireworks show
Everyone had fun - don't you know?
Fireworks Selfie!

Tuesday night it was time for some #Natitude
Baseball and beer puts the rabbits in a good mood!
PGoodz and Andy were along for the ride
Went to the Bullpen first – wouldn’t be denied!
Bullpen Selfie!

JRab met them there a short time later
A quick round of cornhole – don’t be a hater!
At the gate STUR and STEB received a Bryce Harbor chia pet
One for each of the first 20,000 fans? You bet!
Bryce Harper chia pet - check!
PS - It's sunny out!

The Nats might have lost but it was a good time
And finally the Rabbits wrapped up this rhyme!
Nice view from Right Field!

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