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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

52 Rap

It's STEB's birthday so she and STUR met at the crack -
STEB's first swim since Mother's Day - this is gonna get her back!
Met this time at an outdoor venue...
A swim in the 50 meter pool is on the menu.
Heaven is 50 Meters Outdoors!

The workout involved a bit of kicking -
Sure gives your legs quite a licking!
STEB then jetted off to Krispy Kreme -
They would eat them after CrossFit it would seem.
Fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are the bomb!

Next STEB went over to Starbucks -
What's this? A free birthday drink - aww shucks!!
Three cheers for a birthday coconut milk caramel macchiato!

Finally met up with STUR at the MVCF box -
The 9:15 ladies were ready to rock!
After warming up their snatch it was 21-15-9...
That is of power snatches and dips for time!
Squats? I thought you said, "Lets do Shots!"

On the snatches for time, what weight did STEB use?
It's the same as her age if you want to know the truth!
But their workout wasn't over. Not yet!
Only 52 manmakers to do - you can bet!
Manmakers in action!

Who else came to the party you might ask?
Yolanda and Emily joined them in the task!
52 Manmakers - check!

Now it's time for a doughnut or two -
They gobbled them up - yes it's true!
Krispy Kreme doughnuts also rock!

The rabbits next meeting spot was yet another pool -
After all that sweaty business it would feel cool!
Home of the Dolphins!
STUR had 2100 meters to swim to make it to 52 -
So 42x50 they would have to accrue!
Believe it or not STUR voluntarily did some 50s of kick-
What's this crazy? Could she be sick?
Nope she just thought it would be a fun way to celebrate -
STEB turned 52 - get it straight!
WUD really wanted to join in on the festivities
But she had an emergency and couldn't you see.
Finally STUR and STEB we more than ready for lunch
They were hungry by then and on Chick-fil-A they did munch!
There they sat and worked on this 52 Rap
Afterwards STEB went home and attempted to nap!

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