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Monday, May 9, 2016

Derby Hundreds Rap

On Saturday STUR got up early to get her run done -
She was also excited to see a bit of sun!
STUR conquers the hills again!
She got in 8.5 miles all in all -
On those hills it was quite a haul.
STEB spent the the day hanging with her son
They may even looked at some guns!
STEB's new hat!
Saturday night all the rabbits gathered at Running Buddy's
To carb load for the swim and watch the Kentucky Derby
Those horses can run fast! 37.1 mph - wow!
They feasted on yummy chicken and stuff 
Chocolate chip cheese cake too! Did they get enough? 
Yummy cheesecake!
There were mint juleps going around for sipping
And Kentucky Derby Cabernet for the imbibing
Perfect wine to drink during the Derby!
Team Rabbit also enjoyed watching the antics of Mildred and Marvin -
They were eating lots of greenery - they must have been starvin'!
Team Rabbit watching the bunnies, Mildred and Marvin!
They gathered round the TV to watch the horses race
No one had a preference but it was a fun couple minutes in any case! 
Cheering for the Derby!
Sunday was Mother's Day and Team Rabbit did it again -
100 100s at the PG County Sports & Learning Complex for the win!
STEB, RBud, and STUR were the initial crew...
Don't worry, WUDoc joined them later, too!!
The first three rabbits jumped in the pool and got down to business;
This task before them would test their mental and physical fitness!
For STUR the first fifty felt the hardest -
So the halfway point became her target!
To keep it interesting she decided to "push" the sevens and nines -
However, the "push" became much slower over time!
But after fifty she discovered some magic:
The Coke and GU she had nearly made her manic!
100s 51 through 80 felt almost like a breeze -
But this second wind was only a tease...
The last 20 gave STUR more of a fit -
Getting it done would take some grit!!
The 2016 edition brought to you by swim toys!
STUR was grateful for her swim toys and her rabbit friends -
It all helped immensely to get to the end!
STEB really wasn't up to swim form.
Would she be able to make it through as the norm?
She took it by groups of 10...
Her fins were quite useful in the end!
She attempted to use her own hand paddles
But a little dry rot on one was not helpful.
STUR loaned hers out so STEB gave 'em a try -
Freestyle specific - STEB felt like she could fly!
She made through 60x100 in various ways
Then she dropped down to 50s for a little break
STEB also did a number of underwater 25s
She's not training for The Poseidon Adventure, we can't lie
Every 10th was a modified 100 IM
Because if you must know - it's tradition!
In the end she did a total of 8650 -
More than she expected so that's pretty nifty!
Hooray! Once they were done, time for a treat -
Some time in the hot tub and the curvy slide can't be beat!
Smiles after all that swimming!
Another treat after and also tradition:
Chipotle on the way home - that was their mission 
All that swimming works up an appetite!

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