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Monday, June 27, 2016

Three Dog Night Rap

Friday night STEB began early birthday celebrations
Cookout at RBug's and maybe a cake temptation?
This cake was delicious!

Then on Saturday STEB went on a little run / walk
Her foot was hurting and she wanted to stop
But she went kind of easy and did what she could
And of course in the end it was all good!
STUR decided her run on Saturday would be in loops -
Slept a little later than she meant to - oops.
Got in seven miles but wanted 10-
She'd make it up on Sunday but she didn't know when.
For sure she was going to swim on Sunday in open water -
She would do a run later when it got a bit hotter.
Once STEB was done there was no time to waste
She was off to get NanWa over at her place!
They were headed to Winchester V-A
And were going to have a really fun day!
First was a stop at Patsy Cline's grave
Easy to find with the directions they gave
Patsy's grave and bell tower memorial!

Next up: a tour of the house where Patsy used to live
Just the two of them and the guides and stories to relive
We had a private tour of the house - so cool!

Then a late lunch and window shopping at the Apple Blossom Mall
There were lots of Asian food options y'all!
Later there might have been some Ukulele playing
And if that was the case there would be singing!
On Sunday STUR's swim itself was like a 2.5 mile dream -
She is getting used to this course it would seem!
WUD was there too and got in a good swim -
Her weekend of training was filled to the brim.
She was fresh off a long ride Saturday out in Culpeper...
Of course lots of hills but the weather couldn't have been better!
Afterwards STUR decided to get her run on across the WW Bridge -
Did she run over five miles? Just a smidge!
A lazy Sunday morning before STEB and NanWa headed home.
You know STEB, she's that traveling gnome!
Once at home there was no time to rest
She was meeting STUR, BRab, the Beast, and others - no jest
There were going to see Three Dog Night
Those dudes were old but outta sight!
The show was fantastic!
During their encore, Three Dog Night performed this song - it was amazing!

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