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Monday, June 6, 2016

Wine-y Rap

On Saturday- part of Team Rabbit left out at the crack of the crack -
STUR, WUD and RBud was the little three pack!
WUD spent the night on STUR's couch -
So the early morning commute wouldn't be such an "ouch!"
Team Rabbit, ready to kick some @$$!

Got there just in time for STUR and WUD's number collection...
Was it a cloudy and humid day? You betcha!
Ready to roll!

Had a chat with RBug then lined up at the start -
Soon the bunnies were doing there own thing apart!
STUR ran straight through to mile 2-
Then it dawned on her what she wanted to do-
Since so humid the pace was going to be slow you bet-
So she began to get into an "ultra mindset"
A little walking, a little running to get through the day-
Could she keep this pace in her fall 50k?
The best sign she encountered said "you are NOT almost there!"
So funny it didn't even make her swear!
Cutest thing was little girls giving out flowers-
Maybe they gave you extra power?
Almost to the finish line- greeted with cheering EMTs!
They made me run a little faster you see!
Up one more hill to the finish line-
The medal is a coaster for your wine!
They did it!

Look at the size of that sucker!
The Virginia Wine Country Half was a lot of fun
It's always nice to go with some friends one a run!
STUR knocked out very early on Saturday
She was going to pick up the Beast early Sunday to play.
They were headed to a pool called Old Keene Mill -
50 meters of swimming is always a thrill!
WUD is also glad the thunderstorms held off-
For the Potomac River she did swim across!
This weekend STEB did mostly as planned

No swimming pool, but yard work be dammed!
Saturday she hauled around some more mulch bags
Then she headed to Herndon for the festival, it wasn't a drag!
Met up at her friend NanWa's house
They walked to the festivities, they didn't slouch!
Cheesesteaks followed by funnel cake
Only comes once a year, for goodness sake!
Sunday morning early she got her run done
And a good walk with Riley sure was fun
Then more yard work was in store
Then a couple of indoor chores
Thanks to RBug for her mad painting skills
And tapering candles with a knife is always a thrill.
All in all the weekend was a success
Finally her yard is no longer a mess!
Last but not least, STEB made a new friend who is furry
Charlie the Chipmunk is super cute except when eating her flowers, surely!
Charlie Chipmunk is Cute!

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