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Monday, June 20, 2016

Random Rabbit Rap

On Saturday STUR decided against a long run-
Since the CrossFit WOD sounded like so much fun!
The "filthy fifty"  is the name it was given-
How many exercises were there? More than seven!"
As a matter of fact there were TEN -
We would do 50 reps again and again !!
Box jumps, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, and lunges were the first four -
Knees to elbows, push presses, and ab-mats kept us wanting more.
Finished up with a nice little triplet:
Walls balls, burpees, and jump rope then STUR was spent!
Saturday morning was STEB up early? You bet!
She and Andrew were going to work on a back yard project
It involved a post hole digger and concrete
When it was all said and done it was pretty neat!
But first they headed to Sharp Shooters in Lorton
There they met up with BRab for some target fun
There were lots of interesting people around
And shooting up a chemistry test could be found!
Target Practice - check!

Later they finally got the post holes dug
Close to two feet deep it was like going through sludge!
Set up the guides and poured the concrete...
Finally it was time to take a seat!
Waiting on concrete to dry...

Next up was the party on the grass -
It was a seriously beautiful night and the rabbits had a blast
As that evening STUR, BRab and STEB headed to Wolf Trap...
To see Harry Connick, Jr. - that's a fact!
First stop was the the ranger station aka the visitor's center...
These rabbits got their passport books stamped - winner!
The lawn was so crowded when they arrived,
They had to sit kind of over on the side.
Even though this meant a blocked view -
They could still hear the jamming music, it's true!
No creepy stalker dude this year!

Later at home STEB almost forgot...
And had to do 28 burpees on the spot!
Sunday-Funday dawned beautiful and bright!
An open water swim in the Potomac? Out of sight!
STUR picked up the Beast and headed to the harbor...
No, it wasn't a boat they were going to charter!
Swim as many 300 meter loops as you can -
For STUR ten loops was the plan!
Swimming Rabbits!

Met up with WUD and Jodie on the lovely dock -
Able to sign in right at 8 o'clock!
They all jumped right in and got down to business -
First time open water swimmer Jodie was fearless!!
In the end, STUR and the Beast only made it to lap number nine -
It seems that they had run out of time!
Then WUD hurried off to ride her bike - oh man!
At least 40 miles in Nokesville was the plan!
Meanwhile Sunday morning STEB was up early again...
This time for the Run With Dad 5k with Kim!
Ready to Run With Dad!
Photo credit: Kim

They had fun catching up, chatting
And of course they did some running
They even had to climb over a fallen tree.
But for them it wasn't a big deal you see!
Almost to the Finish
Photo Credit: =PR Races=

Once finished, STEB didn't hang around
Back home is where she was bound
Needed to finish up the project out back
Afterwards STEB was so tired she was ready to hit the sack!

A fun, little relaxation corner!
She hung in and watched game 7 of the  NBA Finals...
The Cavs ended Cleveland's 52 year drought, it was wild!
What a finish!
Photo credit.

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