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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Act Rap

STEB and RBud headed South on I95
Going to do their run, before the temps got too high
Arrived at PWFP with out any trouble
Wanted to get their run started on the double!
After parking, they opted to run the loop in reverse
They wanted to spot some rabbits. Hope it wasn't a curse!
Act 1 - They Start!

For her run on Saturday STUR had a nice escort -
His name is BRab and biking is his sport.
Kept her company for one Prince William Forest Park loop -
It was warm and sticky - that's the scoop!
Ran into some rabbits: one, two, three -
One was biking and two were running you see.
WUD was the one who was on her bike -
STEB and RBud were running - they wouldn't hitchike!
Act 2 - They Meet!

After running into STUR and BRab, STEB and RBud finished up
Along here they saw WUD, waved and and said "'SUP?"
They both agreed the reverse direction was the bomb
And stated they would do that run again without any qualms
On their way out they stopped at the Visitor's Center
STEB needed a National Park Passport stamp  - her first ever!
WUD stopped for a bit and with STUR took a selfie
Then they both went on their way
Act 3 - THEY  Meet!
Later STUR and BRab went to an event at Mt. Vernon -
There was lots of chocolate and beer for certain.
Making Chocolate!
Got to explore the mansion's  rarely seen basement and third floor...
And a fun bluegrass band on the lawn - score!
Beer on George's Lawn? YES!
Going to the pool with the Beast is STUR's new Sunday tradition -
Getting in a good swim in the long course pool is their mission.
WUD did a practice open water swim
Back in the Potomac River again! 
Meanwhile, CBUR was off out west
Running a downhill marathon is the best!
She pulled out after 20 miles because of the cutoff
But logged her fastest half marathon time ever, so don't scoff!
Revel Rockies!

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