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Monday, October 7, 2019

Camping Taper Rap

STUR had herself a relaxing weekend-
Since she has a 50KEH around the bend!
Headed to Prince William Forest Park with the dog and the hubby...
Lazlo’s first camping trip - “C’mon buddy!”
Let's go for a hike!

After camp was set up - Lazlo and STUR went on a 4 mile run/ walk-
Hopefully there would be no bears who would stalk!
Look at this good boy!

Campfires, hot dogs, backgammon, and Lazlo chasing flies...
And a relatively peaceful night to their surprise!
Were there any S'mores?

PBun is on taper, and on Saturday had a bike-run brick
It was just 2.5 hours + 20 minutes and went pretty quick
That left her with the rest of her day free
So what did she do? Nothing but kept off of her feet!
Sunday morning was her last long training run
Headed out to One Loudoun for the =PR= Fall Classic 10k for fun
It was so great to meet Skylar!

Met a runner who is fairly new to the area
She is now a new Team Rabbit follower!
PBun enjoyed the mostly flat course
And kept her pace under control - there was no remorse!
This was a really nice 10k course!

That afternoon she got ready for Halloween
Decorating for that holiday is always a scream!
PBun loves to decorate!

Sunday morning Lazlo and STUR went on another hike -
They heard about a bear cub sighting - yikes!!
Packed up the tent site and hit the road...
Just spent one night there - all told!
Next STUR headed over to Chinquapin to swim solo -
Swam 3800 meters in honor of PBun's Ironman don’t you know!
KBun and BLUR met up for a late afternoon Indian head trail ride-
A fun day on their bikes- they can’t be denied!
A great afternoon for a bike ride!

BLUR's 28 miles was a PR in distance!
KBun was happy to accompany with 37 miles - brilliant!

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