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Monday, September 30, 2019

Racing Rabbits Rap

On Friday afternoon 4 rabbits went off to Rock Hall -
Three Rabbits, ready to Rock N Roll!

Who knew they would have such a ball!
Looks - it's a triathlon explosion!

Rock Hall itself wasn’t that far -
But geez did they spend a lot of time in the car!
Arrived so late had to change their dinner reservation...
Met up with MRab and relaxed for the duration.
Relaxing is a always good thing!

Next morning so happy as the bay was warm and the sun was kind -
The roads were mostly flat - oh what a find!
The wind was certainly a bit rough -
Made 24.4 miles seem like just enough!
There were some jellyfish to be seen -
Some thought they got touched, that’s just mean!
It's a jelly, man!

The Beast forgot her essential suitcase -
It didn’t stop her from winning 3rd place
Keeping Team Rabbit on the podium!

With help from her friends with a few odds and ends-
The triathlon fun never ends!
For her aquabike BLUR had a target time -
She beat it by 7 minutes - she was feeling fine!
STUR was all about completing not competing -
But hitting that finish line is always a great feeling!
MRab ROCKED the half aquabike!
He got a solid second place - so very psyched!
Happy finishers!

Someone is happy to retire her bike for the season!

Once they cleaned up after the race...
MRab found the very best place!
Cheers to some post race beers!

For fuel, beers and a waterfront view...
It truly was the perfect venue.
What happened next, truth be told
Is that Al certainly has a heart of gold,
He apologized to the crab on his plate-
But for the poor guy it was just too late.
Sad for the crab!

Meanwhile, PBun had met up with Jeff
A bike race rehearsal would put her to the test
PBun, ready to get this race rehearsal started!

Started off at Nokesville Park and did a few loops
Of 52, 33, and 15 - that's the scoop!
Trixie and Bella are ready to go!

The pretty much had near perfect weather the entire time
With a brief period of rain as predicted by Dark Sky
The trusty porta potty was there as usual and recently serviced! Ha!

Once they finished PBun did a 3 mile run
It was all business, and not for fun
While all this was happening, KBun jetted off
Final destination? Augusta, Georgia sure enough!
Arrived in time to check in and test her bike
Just a 70.3 coming up if you like!
Go KBun! She is checked in and ready to race Augusta!

CBun did her last long run for the upcoming CanLake race
At the site of the Tussey Mountain ultra in this case!
What a lovely view of Tussey!

Saturday afternoon PBun headed out to Acme P-A
And Dog was her copilot,  by the way!
PBun with DOG, her co-pilot!

Sunday morning she went with Stilt and her friends
Pre race selfie, of course!

To run the Great Race 5k in Pittsburgh - the fun never ends!
Stilt and PBun accidentally dressed alike!

Marcie and her daughter, Katie!

The 5K group is ready to start!

Part of the course had a dedicated highway lane
And the views from up there were pretty insane!
The race started off by going uphill
But that was balanced out by some nice downhill!
She and Stilt managed to finish together
Got their smiley cookies and waited for their friends after
Stilt and PBun may have dressed alike, they these two are walking in unison! 

When they had all reunited they headed back to town
Smiley cookies AND a finishers medal - check!

The Great Race was really a GREAT race!

Breakfast at Main Street Cafe was going down!
After that PBun headed back home
And did more running at Lake Accotink, don't you know?
PBun's Sunday afternoon run views!

The Beast lived up to her name by doing a double
The Sprint aquabike on day two was no trouble
During the swim she got caught in a web of seaweed...
Good thing she had already peed!
She laid down the hammer big time on the bike,
Got first place out of all - alright!
Way to go again, Beast!

This group was double trouble!!

While all of this was going on KBun was doing her race down in Augusta
It was pretty hot down there, buster!
Congrats on the hot 70.3, KBun!

She killed it all around and had a finish that was solid
And the weekend of racing rabbits was a success in the end!
KBun with some local (to DC) peeps!

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