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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Trainer Parks Rap

Saturday morning STUR woke Lazlo out of his puppy slumber!
Why are we up so early? He did wonder!
He ALWAYS loves to ride in the car -
So at the park they walked pretty far.
Later STUR headed over to the box for cardio and lifting -
Bike, run, row, wall balls, pushups and hang cleans - not much missing!
PBun started Saturday up on her trainer with Trixie
She needed 6 hours and 35 minutes of spinning you see
She had some intervals to knock out in the first half
Finishing up all in Z2 as a matter of fact
She took a short break with a visit from NanWa
She was in the area and wanted to meet Meowser, aww!
After the spinning was all said and done
She followed that up with a 20 minute brick run
STUR was excited on Sunday to run a race in her old hood...
It’s the Parks Half Marathon, it’s all good!
Happy to pick up PBun in the dark –
Headed to the Shady Grove Metro, which was the place to park.
Hoofed it to the start area for packet pick up
Then back to the car, it was still dark but it wasn’t too rough
Once back at the start, they soon lined up to go
It was such a beautiful morning, let’s start this show!
STUR and PBun are ready to roll!

After a few miles on the neighborhood streets,
Turned in to Rock Creek Park, which was pretty neat
The route took them over streams and by lakes
With a bridge over a road for goodness sake!
Happy to report the both STUR and PBun stayed upright!

Someone had a shirt with an interesting quote:
A strong butt is the key to a happy life,” don’t you know?
Waiting at the Grosvenor Metro to go back to Shady Grove!

After the race they wished they’d dropped a pin for the car location
Seems they had a bit of trouble determining the proper direction!
That afternoon STUR and PBun met up at Angelika at Mosaic...
"Brittany Runs a Marathon," y'all, and they wanted to see it!
It was cute and inspiring and they're glad they went if you want the jist
And PBun even has the NYC Marathon on her bucket list!

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