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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Flocking Busy Rap

STUR woke up Saturday motivated for a run-
She got started on mt Vernon trail after the arrival of the sun.
The trail was super busy with large packs of runners-
What race are they training for? STUR did wonder.
She set out towards her favorite fort hunt park...
6 miles out was the plan and she did embark.
Did a loop around the park and a bathroom break-
It’s getting hot for goodness' sake!
Running crowd was much thinner on the way back-
Made it to her car- trying not to be slack.
All in all 16.4 miles on her tortured feet-
All in the Can Lake bank - SA-weet!
Meanwhile PBun, KBun, and Jeff returned to Cambridge M-D
Planned to ride on the IMMD course you see
In town, they stopped at the McDonald's per the usual
PBun ran into her cousins who were on their way to get coastal!
Getting excited to ride!

The ride plan was two times around the loop
But since it was flooded one full time through would have to do
Riders are ready to roll out!

Next up was a modified loop with a stop at Harriet Tubman museum
Then two more out and backs to get the required time done
Trixie, taking a little rest...

Finished things up with a short brick run
By then it felt pretty hot under the sun
Refueled when they cruised on the way back through Easton
And were thankful for no traffic on the way home, yeah man!
The Beast, getting ready to do beastly things!

During this time, down in Columbus G-A
The Beast jumped in the river to play
The Beast and her Sherpa!

That is she Chased the Hooch
It's a 2.4 mile open water swim to boot!!
She did it!

Sunday morning PBun was again up super early
She had 85 minutes of running on tap - whoo wee!
She also wanted to get to OKM to swim
That would make her day a win!
She noticed that someone had a prank played on them, oh dear!
PBun exclaimed, "get the flock out of here!"
This was flocking awesome!!

The run went well and included 7 minutes at marathon pace
After that she finished up easy in this case.
Sunday morning STUR felt a little slow...
But time to swim at OKM, don’t you know?
PBun, STUR, and Betty were ready to start swimming-
For some really nice water the pool was brimming!
Don't these fins make good bunny ears?

STUR was happy to get in a solid two miles-
Kicking, pulling, and IM - all kinds of swimming styles!
BLUR and STUR had a mission on Labor Day-
Going for a bike ride on Rock Creek- no way?!!
Busy busy but at least the road is closed.
Lots of cyclists, dogs and toddlers all told .
Both rabbits got in the mileage they desired-
In the end they were a good kind of tired!
As STUR was just finishing up her ride -
There was KBUN walking towards her - what a nice surprise!
Biking bunnies!

Had a nice chat then STUR did a tiny brick-
She really hopes the training will stick!
PBun did not sleep in on the holiday
She was headed for her fourth in a row swim day
The water was so fab!!

Followed the workout for the most part as written...
But might have skipped the warm up kicking
Thanks for being on deck, Coach Fred!

Did not make it all the way through before required to stop at 9
But swam a bit more on her own,  it was fine
That means she didn't partake in the relays
It was ok, but maybe next time. She'll see!

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