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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A10 Orange Rap

Three rabbits and one rabbit daughter planned to jump from a plane at Skydive Orange -
STUR was there but to her the concept was foreign.
Excited to fly!!

After a shockingly quick tutorial the participants were suited up and ready to go!
HRab and daughter Catherine went up first while the rest waited for the show.
HRab is on the way down!

The two made it safely back down to earth -
Everyone was very excited- so much mirth!!
CBun and JRab were now sent up into the sky-
Both were so brave and did not ask “why?!”
There goes CBun!

Can you believe in just 20 minutes they’d be back on the ground-
Front and center to watch is where STUR could be found!
Saturday morning PBun was up at her normal time - early
Was she ready to tackle a long indoor bike session? Surely!
Some hard intervals in the first 90 minutes
The just Zone 2 all the way to the finish
It was a Pitch Perfect marathon from beginning to end
And of course her crew was along to cheer, understand?
Diego, wondering when PBun is going to be done!

That is when her cousin Stilt arrived from P-A
Next PBun got her brick run out of the way
A couple quick errands then they settled in
To see what happened in the Crimes of Grindelwald again
Dinner that night with the Goodmanator
Then it was early to bed - see you later!
KBun headed out in the afternoon for her bike ride
Trying to get it in before the night sky
Sunday was another early morning on tap
KBun arrived right on time and they left -- almost in a snap
Headed over to get STUR? You don't say!
Then the whole group was on their way!
STUR was pretty happy to be up at the crack on Sunday morning-
For a ride to the A10 race she would be scoring!
PBun, KBun, and Stilt came to pick her up -
Beautiful day for a race was their good luck!
Arrived there so fast her head was spinning-
Also got their numbers and hats quickly - winning!
These rabbits are ready to run!

STUR did two laps around the stadium pre-race -
Just getting more time on her feet - no worry of pace.
Post-race potty selfie!

Stop at Bobby’s Pottys as the race starts soon-
Ready to get this thing underway - singing a tune!
Rabbits are almost ready to roll!

PBun hopped off the course before mile one…
She hit up Bobby’s again – on the run
Re-entered the course from the same spot
Then continued on her way – because, why not?
Just up ahead she spotted the Juggler dressed as Forrest Gump
He really encompassed the character and then some!
Running Forrest and wearing a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hat
Juggling with a ping pong paddle wearing an Alabama football jersey how about that?
She also noticed his jersey sported the number 44
Could it be because it was that anniversary of the Annapolis 10 miler?

For the spectators the bunny ears were a great topic of conversation -
Telling STUR they had seen another bunny up ahead seemed to be their obligation.
After crossing over the Naval Academy Bridge they turned right on Route 648
PBun noted that she lives off the same road – but in another state!
Saw Stilt and PBun running strong-
Toward the 7 mile marker she was moving along.
Once she finished she was so surprised to receive a medal!
The amount of swag you get is monumental!
The group reconvened just past the finish line
Happy finishers!

Got their premium finisher's jackets then it was selfie time!
It really was a lovely day for a race -
No heat or humidity, just hills in this case!
What an amazing view!
So lucky to be able to run from this venue (the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium)!

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