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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bikes and Barbells Rap

PBun hit the road at 4am, what a thrill…
Picked up KBun and they headed to Walkersville!
They were psyched for the Tour de Frederick…
And best of all the weather was perfect!
KBun kept singing the Bob Marley song, “One Love.”
Perhaps it was because she only had one glove?
KBun and PBun - ready to roll!
The century group rolled out at 6:30
They started towards the back - no hurry
A really pretty church!

Covered bridge #1

They made sure to hit up every aid stop
Covered bridges, fire stations, a church, and a random yard, what?
Inside the Vigilant Hose Company in Emmitsburg, MD!

Covered bridge #2

At each, PB&J was always on tap
And Bruster's ice cream was at the last, how about that?
How far would YOU bike for Bruster's ice cream?
PBun biked 91.55 miles for it!
Two locations had fabulous watermelon
They wanted to just stay and eat – it was heaven!
Watermelon is a bikers heaven!
Covered bridge #3

KBun playing in the flowers of sun!

Rolled back in but weren't quite done
Because they both had to go on a transition run!
They did it!

Finally they were ready to head back home
Thankfully there wasn't any traffic don't you know
CBun and STUR did a last long Reston Saturday swim-
It’s almost time for Swim to the Moon – they are all IN!
Sunday morning PBun went on her long run, all easy pace
Sunday run view: pretty creek

Sunday run view: runderpass(?)

Afterwards was the best part, she went to the massage place!!
Around the house she managed to get a few random things taken care of
And her mailman will probably be happy about one of them
Once again STUR is swimming on Sunday morn –
The air was cool but the water was warm!
STUR with the other Barbell Babes!

Next at the CrossFit box she attended "Barbells, Babes, and Brunch" –
The workout was fun, no worries about a time crunch!
It was a nice group with lots of yummy grub to eat –
Sitting on the gym floor eating – what a treat!

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