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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Moon Rabbit Rap

Saturday morning PBun had a ride on tap
But it was a recovery week so it was shorter how about that?
Decided to take Trixie over to the W&OD rail trail
Where she also wanted to test out the new wheels
Trixie got new handlebar tape, too!

Did some intervals on the way out
Turned around just past Smith's Switch Station without a doubt
The bike turnaround!

More times than she could count she said, "on your left"
But that was no reason to kvetch!
After she finished she laced up to run
That's when she saw Joe and Mike,  son of a gun!
The run turnaround!

Got another invite for Sunday masters swim practice
So PBun will take him up on the offer if you had to guess!
JRab and STUR were the first to arrive in the mitten...
To relax and have a good  dinner was the decision!
After a good night’s sleep, they were ready for the day...
Three more rabbits coming into town? No way!
After a family visit they headed down to the lake-
Initially STUR and JRab went to the wrong place for goodness sake!
Look at that lovely water!
What a great rabbit  crew!

Finally found packet pick up and the crew was reunited-
The lake looked and felt wonderful - they were delighted!
Next up a great dinner at an Italian place-
Did one of the rabbits EAT rabbit? What  a disgrace!! 🤪
Early morning coming - time to Swim to the Moon!
They better get to bed very very soon!
Sunday morning PBun went out for a run
Only 50 minutes with 10 minutes at marathon pace - what fun!
Made it back home with plenty of time
To get ready for JCCNV masters - all right
Got in a nice workout with lots of fast 100s
Happy to keep up with the swimmer in front of hers bubbles
Afterwards did a smidge of work in her yard
But then decided to get out of the heat, that decision wasn't hard!
Next day CBun and STUR met at the race site in the dark-
Feeling grateful they won’t see one single shark!
Time to line up for the one at a time start -
Each swimmer was about one second apart!
Strong, steady and no dawdling was the mantra -
Since there’s no magic to get across the lake - no abracadabra
Two aid stations, a bridge, and a tunnel later...
STUR was on the beach - no signs of an alligator!
Time to swim back the same way she came -
So glad there ended up being no rain!
For STUR the last mile was long - her brain was sore...
Especially since she is thinking about swimming some more!
STUR popped out of the water – a 10K CHECK
Now swim another 1.2 miles you say?! What the heck?!
She dolphin dived back in - swimming by herself –
Although with a lot of paddle boarders - there was a wealth!
Finally reached the turnaround buoy...
A couple of those SUPers weren’t too helpful about its location - phooey!!
She was so, so ready to be done
So she could enjoy the post-race fun!
Photo courtesy of greg sadler photography

BLUR was having THE most fun swimming in the lake
Look at that smile, it just takes the cake! 
Overhead medal shot - it's tradition!

Grabbed TWO medals and a cool towel –
There was CBun who had finished long ago – WOW!
This race was epic!

BLUR and HRab were waiting on the beach too –
It was a successful day for the rabbit crew!!
The 1.2 mile participants agreed their course was a bit long –
Doesn’t really matter as they all finished strong!
Happy finishers!

Cleaned up and celebrated at an Irish pub –
All rabbits feeling water logged – blub, blub, blub!

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