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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Short & Sweet Rap

PBun hit they hay pretty early Friday night
She had a Saturday bike-run race rehearsal – all right!
She hit the road at 5:55AM –
And headed over to Cambridge, Maryland
Arrived and got right down to biz
She had a 7 hour ride to get in!
Excited to get this race rehearsal underway!

The starting weather was cooler and overcast
Which PBun embraced – that is a fact!
There were no children in this corn!

She had several stops, but kept them to a minimum
And after the ride, she headed out on her run
Just 40 minutes at her ‘race pace’ to do
She was pleased after she was through!
PBun headed out on her brick run!

STUR once again woke her dog up for a long walk-
Doggie needs his exercise- don’t balk!
Lazlo likes his park walks!

Off to CrossFit for lots of pull-ups and deadlifts then a 2 mile “cash out” run –
STUR loved that part but others thought not so fun!
KBun got her long training in
She is sort of tapering for August for the win
Sunday morning STUR picked up the Beast-
It felt early to them to say the least!
Made their way over to Old Keene Mill –
Last outdoor swim – they would get their fill!
The rabbits opted for a long distance set –
400’s and 800’s – is it over yet?
STUR and the Beast were happy to get the last outdoor swim in!

Sunday morning PBun tried to sleep in a bit,
She did a short run but swim she would skip
Tried to spend as much of the day off her feet
But had lunch with an old friend, which was pretty sweet
CBun made a fast and furious trip to run 21 miles in Bucks County -
Lots of flat trail to be had - there was a bounty!!
Lovely views and trails!

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