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Monday, November 19, 2018

S'more Camping Rap

STUR got in a run for the first time since the Bucks County marathon/
Before she knew it- 7 miles were gone!
Highway view is better than no view!

Her run was over a highway- certainly not very scenic-
That's okay she wanted to get it done quick!
PBun headed to Audrey Moore for L4 swim practice
Just her and Marty in a lane - no fuss
New coach Eddie was supposed to be on deck
But he wasn't there, what the heck?
A swimmer named Pete wrote up a nice work out
Did it have stroke work and 4x100 IM? Without a doubt!
Saturday practices are back in the low end!

PBun and RooBear met up with STUR and JRab
Off to Prince William Forest Park  by way of Chick-fil-A - everyone was glad!
Riley got a lot of fun treats while camping - including a Chick-fil-A waffle fry!

Hit up the visitor center to check in to Oak Ridge campground
Where later a camp fire and smores would be going down!
Got in the park and situated on the A loop-
Found great places to set up camp - that's the scoop!
Scored spot A14!

Had to use the bathrooms located at loop B-
Only a tenth of a mile if you had to go pee.
JRab set up the truck tent and anex-
Luckily the whole situation wasn't too complex-
The tent AND the cool annex!

While RooBear watched, PBun set up the tent dome
For just one night it would be there home!
PBun is excited to camp for the first time with Riley!

Hiking selfie!

JRab got the fire started and the girls went for a hike-
Came back and got warm- they were psyched!
STUR stoking the fire!

PBun cooked hot dogs and served them up with tongs
Even fed a little bit to Riley. Is that wrong?
JRab and STUR had burgers served with some olive sauce stuff
Were they cooked to perfection? Sure enough!
After dinner they had a little treat
We're talking about S'mores which can't be beat!
S'mores are always a good idea!

THE camp fire!

JRab and STUR had a little after dinner backgammon-
JRab took the rabbit down by 3 games- it was a slamming!
They all got to bed at a very early hour-
It was in the 20's - so under the covers they must cower!
In the morning they enjoyed quite the spread:
Eggs, bacon, and doughnuts - they were fell fed!
The girls enjoyed hot chocolate from PBun cool new camping mugs-
It was so hot - took awhile to take a slug!
Meeting up at the Oak Ridge camp site!

Later BLUR showed up with David and Jelly Bean in tow
They were going to ride and hike in case you wanted to know!
Riley and Jelly Beat got along great!

Her ride was short and included a hill
It was 60 feet and not quite a pill!
BLUR's bike ride - check!

STUR and PBun took off for another hike with RooBear
Thank goodness for hibernation season so no actual bears to fear
Riley preferred to lead the way!

On their hike the saw a Charlie Brown Christmas tree
All that was missing was the red ornament and blue blanket you see!
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree!

Passed by some mushrooms that looked like wax!
Seeing them on the return they knew they were on the right track!
These mushrooms really looked like wax!

KBun was at a family wedding
It was of course a wonderful evening!
Pam looking quite lovely again!

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