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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Turkey Rap

Turkey day morning STUR hopped out into the cold-
She got in about 5 pre turkey trot miles all told.
PBUN was at her house and ready to go-
They were going to run the Alexandria Turkey Trot - don't you know?
Hopped on the metro and grabbed their race number at the school-
Waited inside for the race to start- they ain't no fool!!
Gym selfie while they stayed warm!

PBun had a funny conversation with another runner
The porta potty didn't flush? What a bummer!!
He said he could've said it's urine turn, though...
And wished her a good trot - don't you know!
She said same to you as long as its not the runner's trots!
They had a good laugh and went off to find a starting line spot
Ready to turkey trot!

Once the race began it was easy to get warm
Seeing lots of turkey hats, dogs, and strollers was the norm.
STUR feels like the pace was a pretty good push
She just told her legs and lungs to shush!
PBun did a 10 minute warm up then into a 5k time trial
The balance of her run was at an easier pace - for about a mile.
Once STUR got home she wasn't done yet -
Did she run 1.8 more miles by way of Dunkin Donuts? You bet!
Friday morning PBun was up early
For L4 swim practice at Providence, surely!
Afterwards a bit of holiday shopping on the spur…
Then off to NYC with Stilt - for Harry Potter
Went up by Amtrak train number 136
The northeast regional was pretty slick
Excited about their HP adventure!

Of course it wasn't the Hogwarts Express...
Leaving from Platform 9 3/4, but they digress
Once they arrived a brisk walk to the hotel
Straight down 33rd if you will
Their hotel bar had the bar for Oklahoma University
Partying football fans woke them up in the middle of the night - oh jeez!
Good thing OU won!

They were celebrating the big win over WVU
And you could hear them at 4:30AM on the 18th floor, it's true!
Saturday morning STUR had a longish run in mind…
Wanted to beat the rain and got out of the door on time.
Half mile in - she was feeling great!
But rolling her ankle badly on the sidewalk was her fate
The event actually gave her some pause…
If she was limping she’d stop - that’s the law!
Seemed okay so she kept going -
Six more miles and the sweat was a glowing!
But later in the day it really started to swell.
RICE was he mantra for the rest of the day - oh well

Saturday Stilt and PBun were off to their show
Walk up Broadway through Times Square - let's go!
Stilt and PBun did not look out of place with these characters!

PBun and Stilt got odd looks as they walked along...
A boy pointed out they were wearing Harry Potter clothes...is that wrong?
OK, so they are fans of Gryffindor House...

Arrived at the Lyric Theater in plenty of time
Believe it or not they were third in line
The outside of the theater was amazing!

PBun had visited Will Call to pick up THE tickets
Wanted to have actual ones - no ifs, ands, or buts!
She HAD the tickets!

Cloakroom - check, then visit the gift shop
Then the refreshments room was their next stop
Next found their seats and then the show began
Part One kept them on the edge of their seats, oh man
They had a couple hours between parts one and two
Grabbing some pizza seemed like the thing to do
Before Part Two they were standing in a little bit of rain
Hoping later it wouldn't be too insane
Part Two was even more amazing
Especially before intermission - it was crazy
They really enjoyed the production of the Cursed Child
The special effects were pretty wild
They'd consider going to see it again
They don't want the Harry Potter fun to end
Ready to attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

After they got out of the show
It was pouring down rain, wouldn’t you know
Bolted into Walgreen's to buy umbrellas
To walk back to the hotel and not get too soaked, duh!
Over the weekend they had pizza at three different places
Luckily they didn’t tire of it, goodness gracious!!
Sunday they stopped in Macy's for a quick gander around
The Godiva counter is where they could be found!
Sunday after all the RICE STUR could take she headed out to the pool
The Beast was also in attendance which was very cool!
The masters group continued without a coach...
Read the workout on the board - that was their approach!!!

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