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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mucking Regal Rap

Saturday morning the rabbits took off
Headed to Akron O-H, sure enough!
As they got going the rain began
But a little Team Rabbit theme song was in the plan
Made a stop for lunch in Hagerstown M-D
Chick-fil-A was the place, you see
Dinner that night was at Macaroni Grill
Create your own pasta? They think they will!
What type of pasta would you choose?

Caught a little NCAA football action
Darn-it - those teams that won!
An early night as they needed to get going before the crack
You know the drill – this is not whack!
In the morning, parked the car in a field in the dark
Jumped out into a puddle – where’s the ark?
Packet pick-up check – and borrowed a marker
Want to personalize your bibs? Why sure!
Beagles, formerly known as Rabbits!

FFO and FunSize beagle opted for the early 7am start
In the end the beagles thought that was very smart.
They thought they wouldn't need a headlamp...

On the first loop, FFO got a tad confused...
Cut off two miles - she wasn’t too amused!
Jay Beagle and Fleagle Beagle were surprised to see her so soon -
She will admit she felt like a buffoon :)
Dave from Toronto had the same plight -
But when they returned to the lodge together he took flight.
For loop number two, FFO got the directions right -
Followed the BLACK arrows - out of sight!
Fleagle and Jay started with the group at 8am
After a nice little live version of the National Anthem!
Sun is coming up - nice!

Got going and didn’t take long to step in the muck
Keep moving forward or you might get stuck!
Could only imagine how messy the course would become
Later on after hundreds of shoes went through and several loops were done!
You got to run by Sled Ride Hill
Play at your own risk – sounds like a thrill!
This looks SO FUN! But not in the mud!

Runners went by Chief Logan twice on each loop
If you were lucky you’d spot him – that’s the scoop
Chief Logan was pretty big!

After loop two, FFO Beagle knew the drill -
Of mud and muck she definitely had her fill!
They didn't think the bridge was actually slippery!

A sign warned runners that the bridge was slippery…
What about the actual course? In places it was tricky!
Be careful on some of the downhill path
Don’t want to slip and fall on your @$$!
It was nice to be warned!

During Jay's loop two she slipped in the mud and went squoosh
Mark and Alyssa were there to give her a hand and a push!
So much mucking fud!

Not long after she stepped out of her shoe
Had to back up - what else could she do?
Vertical Runner guy thanked two bunnies for the Easter weather -
They were both happy - it was their pleasure!

Harley Beagle appeared to cheer on FunSize after loop five -
She was so excited - she got quite the rise.
It's Harley Beagle running FunSize in at the end!

But FFO and FunSize had more work to do -
They had just one more loop it’s true!
With a mile in a half left they have to encounter the HILL
Unfortunately FFO took a slow motion spill.
The finisher medal is so cute!

Post race they had chili and  R. Shea Red Ale -
Brewed especially for the beagle race on the trail.
Happy Beagles, aka Rabbits!

If you did not get the drift, this race was pretty muddySomeone even pitched their shoes at the end, you see!
The mud was so gross!

As they were leaving, Fleagle got some good news:
First in her age group in the 8K – it’s true!
Way to go Fleagle Beagle, the BLUR!

The Regal Beagle Ultras was a super fun event
Despite the mud that was in spots like cement!

It's the Regal Beagle Lodge!

To cap off the weekend they ate Dewey's Pizza
And also salads and chocolate cake they did feast on!
Team Rabbit had a great time on the planet AK-RON
They were really glad all the spacemen were gone!

More muddy shoe shots!
FFO Beagle's shoes!

FunSize Beagle's shoes!

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