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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Fire and Rain Rap

Saturday morning was pouring and dreary-
STUR and BLUR had outdoor plans-they weren’t leery.
Met at Fort Hunt Park for individual activities…
Biking and running in the rain they will remember vividly!
Still smiling!

Meanwhile, PBun was headed to Audrey Moore
For Masters swim practice with L4!
After that she headed back home
A bike run brick was up next, you know
After all was said and done
She did an indoor triathlon
The Tune Inn is always a good idea!

Next up so many rabbits and friends gathered at the traditional Tune Inn -
Got one of the big booths for the win!
Just one shot?

Shots of fireball...
Cheers to STUR!

...and beer sprinkled with pepper -
Pepper in beer? Sure!

Play some tunes on the jukebox? You betcha!
A pint of beer might have gotten knocked over…
Got a pile of napkins to clean it up after!
They held on to the napkins, just in cases!

Sunday morning PBun got up to run
Just 50 minutes of treadmill fun!
Afterwards she did a strength workout
Squats and deadlifts without a doubt!
Sunday afternoon STUR was surprised she was up for a swim -
The Ironman swim of 2.4 miles is what she got in!
Sunday night PBun went to a Christmas concert
Her aunt was singing at church and after they had dessert!
The concert at St. John the Evangelist is always wonderful!

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