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Friday, January 4, 2019

Great Gatsby Rap

Wow! Saturday was an absolutely amazing day-
KBun met STUR at Belle Haven to play!
Started running towards Mt Vernon, 3 miles out -
Went back to cars - no time to give George a shout!
Refueled and headed towards Old Town -
At the docks is where they did turn around.
On the way back, KBun spotted something in the sky -
It was a gorgeous bald eagle – my, oh my!!
Fly like an eagle! How amazing!!
Got back to the cars and decided they were done -
Hopped in the cars and made a Five Guys run!!

Sunday it was time for a bi-annual tradition:
100 100’s at Chinquapin Rec Center was the mission!
STUR gathered up swimming buddy Maureen -
An L4 swim workout she did bring.
Wrote it up on the dry erase board-
All the different sets could not be ignored!
Part 2 of the workout!

Great mix of kicking ( yes kicking), stroke, and free-
Before they knew it they were halfway there - whee!!
BLUR had arrived to take on her very own epic swim -
She powered through those 4000 plus meters, not on a whim!
All swimmers were done at pretty much the same time -
The pool was quiet with many open lanes - so sublime!
It's almost the new year - we think we should do 100 100s!

Next up, another tradition was awaiting:
Chipotle for BLUR and STUR is the best - no debating!
The Fairfax Four Miler was a bit on the rainy side -
But all the participating rabbits took it in stride!
Ran into Robin from FitPro Massage
She was running with Kaiser, her cute little Husky dog!
Kaiser is ready to roll!

The pizza afterwards was super yummy -
Some took more than their one slice minimum for their tummy.
PBun partook in the recovery chocolate milk
She happily took STUR’s portion too if you will!
PBun briefly caught up with her friend Greg
He’s a half marathon machine – can you dig?
Greg has really run a lot of half marathons!

STUR and PBun discovered something very coincidental-
Both of their first and third miles were the same pace-certainly accidental!
This tree looked really cool in the drizzle!

A couple of photo ops by the large decorated tree
Now it’s time to celebrate the end of 2018!
Cheers to New Years!

A gang of rabbits decided to celebrate NYE Gatsby style -
Dressing up in 20’s clothing made them smile!
Rockin' group!

Old Team Z friends Linda and Chris joined them as well -
Seeing them at the party was really swell!
Old Z-mates!

At first it was fun to eat, drink, and dance a bit -
But honestly the loud crowd and music made them all want to split!
David and BLUR!

Most made it to midnight but some did not. Oh dear!
Team Rabbit wishes everyone a very Happy New Year!
STUR, rocking in the New Year on the air guitar!

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