There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Race or No Race Rap

Saturday morning some rabbits were supposed to run
It was the JFK 20K, but it was canceled, son of a gun
They made the best of their day
Just listen to what they have to say:
Saturday morning STUR headed over to Carderock park -
On a 15 mile solo run she was about to embark.
STUR is ready to run!

There was supposed to be a race on this very same trail -
But the race had to be postponed- that’s the tale.
There was a lot of construction and STUR had to take more than one detour…
What were they doing? She was not sure!
Detour, schmetour!

The entire weekend, PBun actually didn’t swim
But there was lots of biking, running, and lifting for the win
Saturday consisted of bike~run~lift
She’s trying to get stronger if you get the drift
That night she went to a matchup of the A10
It wasn't the Warthog, understand?
GMU is having a good season!
The visiting fans were on point
Their chants were brutal in the joint
"You let the whole team down!"
When the foul shots didn’t go down!
The halftime entertainment was pretty sweet
Jump-roping with a pogostick can't be beat! 

It was battle of the Georges: Washington and Mason
The Virginia team triumphed, in the end
All the attendees also won, too
The Chick-fil-A fowl shot, it’s true!
PBun knows what's for lunch on Monday!
During Sunday's powerlifting session
She used the Pit Shark belt squat machine
It looks a bit scary but is pretty cool
This machine rocks!
And allows you to squat heavy - a nifty tool!
Later at home she went for a run
Just on her treadmill – it was fun!
Sunday was the Tropical Splash swim meet-
Four Rabbits were in attendance- sweet!
STUR and BLUR area ready to siwm!
MRab swam with a competitive drive -
Happy with all his times - high five!
CBun had kind of a long wait -
Not swimming until 12:30 was her fate!
Once she got to swim she scored a new PR-
Even with water in her goggles - she’s a star!
BLUR had two very solid swims…
PR city - she don’t need no fins!
Way to go, BLUR!
STUR was happy to swim and be with her friends -
She scored a couple of ribbons in the end.

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