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Monday, February 4, 2019

Super Snow and Chocolate Rap

On Saturday STUR was stuck inside because of the snow surprise-
But when she arrived at the pool she couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was mostly swimming all by her lonesome-‘
Not the usual “fight for a lane scrum”
Could do butterfly to her heart’s content-
Before she knew it- 3 miles came and went!
Day become almost warm and very bright-
Did some loops at Ft Hunt Park with Lazlo - alright!!
PBun was up super early on Saturday
She needed to get her spin out of the way
PBun also lifted after the chocolate festival festivities!

Then met up with a couple of old friends
They hit up the Chocolate Lover’s Festival – understand?
This pup was SO CUTE and friendly!

First she got to meet a super-cute pup
Her name is Jazz and she gave PBun a hug!
Puppy hugs rock!

There was lots of yummy chocolate stuff for the choosing
Including a fountain where the chocolate was oozing!
This doesn't include the mini scoop of ice cream or the chocolate fountain treats!

After a delicious lunch at the Coyote Grille
Made a pact to do this again if you will
Does she credit these neighbors from back in the day
To her foray into getting fit? Yes way!

Sunday was definitely an outside day-
BLUR and STUR met at Fort Hunt Park once again to play!

The Potomac was frozen but the trail was clear-
Some of the many wooden bridges were dicey- oh dear!
Sunshine and smiles!

BLUR did some running and a spin on her new ride-
Her love of cycling cannot be denied!
What will BLUR's new ride be named?

STUR did her best and knocked out a longish run-
Looks like a marathon taper has just begun!
Sunday PBun got her powerlifting on
She is sure hoping that she’s getting strong!
Rack pull for the win!

Inspired by the ladies on her team
Who are total bad@$$es if you know what she means
Once back home she took a walk outside with Riley
But that was enough time for her sinuses to act up you see
Hit up the treadmill for a 65 minute run
With 7 minutes at marathon pace in the second half of the session
That evening she met up with some friends from her high school days
Dinner then an orchestra performance was all the rave
The St. Olaf College music department is pretty sweet
And Cool-Breeze is an alum, which is neat!
Fun times with old friends!

The conductor thanked us for attending the Super Symphony Sunday
Instead of staying home to watch Superbowl 53
The orchestra was SO GOOD!

Meanwhile CBun and CRab were having lots of adventures in Utah -
The Sundance Film Fest and snow activities had them in awe!
Snow and smiles!

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