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Monday, February 11, 2019

Way Home Rap

Friday night was uke club for PBun
And as per the usual, she had fun!
Yay for uke club!

Saturday morning she was up kind of early
Swimming then a bike-run brick was going down, surely
PBun's crew coming to greet her as she finished her bike spin!

STUR was not sure what workout to do on Saturday morn
But then the idea of going to the CrossFit box was born.
Her masters buddy Theresa texted her just in time -
She needed a partner also in her prime!
Burpees are the best!

The WOD notably contained 105 burpees EACH-
Just a bit under the 45 min time cap the pair did reach!
Later on PBun met up with STUR
A Dog's Way Home required tissues for sure
Tissues at the ready!

After the movie the pair hit up Nando’s for some yummy chicken -
Talking about workouts and races is a given!
Sunday morning PBun tried to sleep in
But was up before the alarm. Is that a win?
Headed out to powerlifting class
Got to deadlift with train wheels - what a gas!
200# Train Wheel Deadlift - check!

Once back at home it was time for a run
Just 70 minutes on the treadmill, she got it done!
On Sunday morning- BLUR and STUR met at a very familiar place
Fort Hunt Park to walk and run with Lazlo at a good pace.
STUR with her boy Lazlo!

Three miles was their final tally-
Lazlo was a brave trooper - he really did rally!
BLUR posing with Lazlo!

Later that day STUR really needed some swim therapy-
Masters and 4000 meters was just right - whee!!
A group of rabbits did a KICKR session
It was called the "Castle of Pain" but it was...fun!

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