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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Birthday Rap

Saturday morning was another indoor tri for PBun
It felt good to get it done.
Since this weekend STUR would attempt a 26.2 on her feet-
So in the pool she decided on 26 x 200 repeats!
Marathon Sunday, wake up at the normal time
Head up to Greenbelt to toe the line
KBun, STUR, and PBun all met up at the Youth Center
A Rabbit selfie with George? Yes sir!
By George, it's almost time to run!

A bit of a hike to get to the starting line
The three original rabbits chatted to pass the time.
Team Rabbit, ready to 'embrace the suck'!

Before long it was time to go...
And under the arch the runners did flow!
And they're off!

STUR and PBun were together around mile five
When the eventual winner just flew on by!
Along here they spotted a dude taking a pee
PBun would talk to him eventually you see
It turns out STUR’s knee was not up for the task -
She still ended up with 12 miles if you must ask!
Took out a bit of aggression later at the pool -
With the Beast leading the lane, it’s all cool!
KBun had a good, strong race
She and PBun thought the hill at the end was misplaced
PBun kept on smiling throughout
And looked forward to post race chili no doubt
Loop 3, here she comes!

The volunteers were all super nice
But maybe doing the GW Birthday Marathon as a relay would be the rabbits' advice!
Going down the stairs backwards can be fun
Sometimes happens after you run a marathon

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