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Monday, February 25, 2019

One Rap

On Saturday STUR tackled CrossFit Open workout 19.1
Just 15 minutes of wall balls and rowing would be oh so fun?
STUR had a tough but a very fair judge…
A few no reps for the wall balls - oh fudge!!
Saturday, PBun did another indoor triathlon
Masters swim,  spinning, then a treadmill run
Things went better than she expected
Because from that marathon she's not fully recovered
On Sunday Lazlo was itching to move his dog legs -
But first for breakfast he and STUR both had some eggs!
Lazlo, ready to do some running!
Made it a nice distance at a pretty good pace -
Both were glad that it wasn't a race!
PBun went to the Tysons Playground powerlifting group
Benching, squats, and deads were on tap if you want the scoop
Later on she did an easy run of an hour 15
Just on the treadmill it would seem
All of PBun's critters were there to cheer her on. Even the elusive Carmen!
RBug headed to Tampa to meet up with her sister and niece
They would each run two races a piece!
A nice day for a 15K!
Saturday was the Gasparilla 15K
It sure looked like a beautiful day
Sunday the race was an 8k
They were joined by a friend by the way
Yay for the 8K!

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