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Monday, March 4, 2019

Two Rap

Saturday morning STUR slept in to get ready for CrossFit Open 19.2 -
Exact same workout from three years ago it’s true!
This time STUR got a real nice treat -
PBun decided to come cheer and support - sweet!
Cheering at the Open is the most fun!

In 2016 STUR and PBun did this workout at the same time -
Even back then it was certainly part of a rhyme.
STUR was relieved to clean that 75# bar
And she thought she couldn’t do it, how bizarre!
STUR cleaning that bar!

Skedaddled home to gather up her one and only dog
Went to Fort Hunt with Lazlo for a long walk/jog!
PBun also was able to sleep in
After coffee with Diego, a walk with Riley for the win
Had fun cheering on STUR at the Open
Would she get a PR? She was hopin'!
Judge Megan was there to count for STUR
It was fantastic - of that you can be sure!
Judge Megan and STUR

Once back home it was time to get her strong on
It was squat day - is that wrong?
After a short recovery it was workout part two
A short spin-run brick is what she got to do
Sunday morning it was back at the Playground
Group powerlifting session was going down
In a regular routine with teammates Alex and Laura
They're all doing well at sharing the bars
Bench, squat, and deadlifts were again on tap
Started rough but got better as a matter of fact
Belt squat 200#? Yes!

The coach's mom is always an inspiration
She just took up powerlifting last year - son of a gun!
Marlene rockin a fun t-shirt!

Back home she hopped on her treadmill for a run
Then a nap before the Wizards game, she got it done
It was unusual but on Sunday STUR didn’t have a run plan-
She went to the Mt Vernon trail to  do all she can.
She made 8 miles then 3 more with Lazlo-
It was all good because it was steady and slow.
STUR wanted some extra laps so she got to the pool early...
It was super crowded but she wasn’t surly.
Got in a solid two miles with the masters peeps
Were there lots of sets? Heaps!
PBun got to cheer on the Wizards to a win
It's always nice to see them in person!

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