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Monday, March 25, 2019

Einstein Rap

Saturday morning STUR headed right over to the CrossFit box-
Time for the last workout of the open-don’t be shocked!
Workout 19.5 had a 20 min time cap- very long!
105 each of thrusters and jumping pull ups- she’d have to stay strong.
The scene of the thrusters!

She did it! She finished in under twenty
Will she have DOMS? She thinks a-plenty.
Another CrossFit Open for STUR is in the books!

Saturday morning PBun was ready for a brick
An hour 55 on the bike trainer but she didn't get sick
Spinning with the cat!

She got it done and it went well
A 20 minute run was next - that's swell!
The weather was fab so she ran outside
The first 10 easy;  the second at marathon stride
That afternoon she took her kitties to the vet
Just an annual checkup no need to fret
Next, Stilt rolled in to town
The Wizards versus the Heat was going down!
Edie from high school joined in
A quick bite at Panera before the night would begin
Meet up with old classmates Stephen and Bill
To carpool downtown if you will!
Snagged some Bradley Beal socks when they arrived
And got to their seats in plenty of time
After the pregame festivities...
Ball tip - this game is underway!
Before too long the crowd gave a roar
Dwayne Wade was about to go on the court
DWade can still shoot!

As he winds down his great career
Even the home crowd gave him cheers
Unfortunately the Wizards lost but the night was not over
They were lucky to get a photo op with the 1977-78 NBA championship trophy!!

So exciting to see THE trophy!

TJ '82 - reunited!

They could look, but must not touch
Cleaning all those fingerprints would be too much!
Sunday morning PBun and Stilt met up with STUR
Was it time for the Einstein 10k run? Yes sir!
Einstein selfie? It's tradition!

Stilt and PBun did steps on either end
In two weeks Stilt will be back again!
Almost done!

On Sunday STUR was happy to have fun run company-
Beautiful day to be on the national mall they would all agree.
This is SUCH a great way to see some monuments!

Afterwards PBun cooked an awesome meal-
After a run - pancakes and potatoes were ideal!
RBug was successful at the Probility Ann Arbor Half Marathon
And this was Chris's first - son of a gun!
Congrats, you two!
It was a perfect weather running day
Chris is psyched for his next race - you don't say?
In Rock Creek Park BLUR had a fun and successful outdoor bike ride-
A beautiful day and car free roads it did provide.
Outdoor rides rock! 

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