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Friday, April 5, 2019

Doggone Rap

On Saturday STUR was met with a CrossFit WOD that was entirely bodyweight-
Five rounds of pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and sit ups was their fate!
Next up her boy Lazlo was going to have some company -
Riley and PBun were coming for a visit - woo whee!!
Tongues out!

Lazlo was friendly but was being a little shy…
They sniffed up each other a bit before they said goodbye.
Can't wait to get these two together again!

PBun started her day with a long bike trainer session
Two hours 20 minutes of stamina but she got it done
Followed that up with a 20 minute run
After that she was ready for some doggone fun!
Later she spent a couple hours helping to clean up her pool
Because getting to swim outdoors will be really cool
Later that night was an impromptu rabbit dinner…
Mamma's Kitchen on the patio was certainly a winner
Happy Rabbits!

Sunday brought STUR and PBun together to play in the rain
Of course they didn't think that they were insane!
This sign made the rabbits chuckle!

Other folks were out on the MV Trail, too
Runners, bikers, and folks strollers - it's true!
Mile 8 at 8 miles!
(Very random considering they went out and back one way then out and back another!)

Of course they wondered what Chrissie would do?
Stick to the workout plan with the crew!
What WOULD Chrissie do?

PBun scored a restroom building towards the end
It was nice to find this place!

Happy to have discovered it for the future, understand!
Where to? Old Town, Maryland, or Mount Vernon!

KBun got in a 70 mile ride on the Indian Head Trail -
Did a brick and through a 5 mile run she did sail.
STUR rallied herself to get to the pool in the afternoon-
Jumped out to see the Auburn score - over the moon!
PBun felt like she had sprinted for her life…
Seeing Auburn through an overtime win was nearly a fright!
MRab and BLUR went to the final KICKR session
BLUR said it was the hardest one ever – oh heavens!

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