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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Very Cherry Rap

Saturday PBun hopped on the trainer
Two and a half hours seemed like a no brainer
Beautiful day to be outside!

Then Stilt rolled into town
Cherry Blossom packet pick up was going down
Race expos are always exciting!!

Thanks for having us, National Building Museum!

There and back by Metro was pretty much a breeze
Even changing trains was easy you see
Welcome (back) to Virginia!

Would you believe KBun did SIX spin classes in a row!!!!
She is getting ready Ironman Texas, don't you know?
BLUR also got in a bike ride...
She was lucky -- it was outside!
BLUR crushed her 1000 yards at the Colonies Zone meet
Took nearly a minute of her previous time - which is pretty sweet!
Meanwhile, MRab completed in the 1650
He earned some bling, which is pretty nifty!
CBun successfully attempted her first 200 IM
She is happy with her time and would likely do it again! 
Sunday morning, PBun and Stilt headed over to STUR's
It was early and there was very little traffic you can be sure
Before sunrise the group took a small "bib collecting"detour -
Were they on time to the race? Chauffeur Tim made sure!
All race bibs present and accounted for!
Thanks, Tim the JRab!

Before they got started they met up with KBun
Everyone was excited to run
Rabbits are ready to run!

Started off in the purple wave
See you at the finish after the race
Let's get ready to rumble!!

STUR thinks she started off her race way too fast-‘
She was right- that pace certainly didn’t last.
After the Watergate hill PBun chatted with Leanne
Then a quick selfie with the Colonial man
You can't really see the wig in this picture!
And his shirt was pretty patriotic as well.

PBun and STUR shared a high five after the four mile turn around-
Smiles and cheers for the ears did abound!
Quick selfie with the other bunny lady
Hers ears could have been for Easter - maybe?
Well you know how rabbits multiply...

Near mile five there was a strange scent in the air
What could it be? Runners beware!!!
Heard Living on a Prayer at mile 5.47
Over halfway there, PBun was in heaven
The cherry blossom views were spectacular this year!

Took a Clif Block at mile 6.6
A couple minutes later it gave her a kick!
Passed the drumming group along Ohio Drive...
Tried to get a video of them playing but no dice!
These drum ladies are always fantastic!

Free Beer stop during Hawaii 5-0
Only two and a half miles to go!
Free beer? Well why not!

She saw Stilt just after mile 8
Getting to see her was great!
STUR finished and found KBun almost immediately -
Had planned to meet by the medical tent previously!
Rabbits reunited!

Amazingly BLUR found them in the same locale -
She was there to boost the rabbits' morale!
Everyone present and accounted for. Thanks for supporting, BLUR!

KBun's friend ran her first CB10, too
She was happy she could see it through
Way to go, D!

Stilt's friend Marcy and daughter Dakotah came to cheer
But afterwards, Dakotah had to disappear!
Dakotah and Marcy made it!

A post race shot of the U.S. Capitol!

Going in opposite directions they took the metro
But the rabbit group may have goofed up a bit - uh oh!
Changed trains to go back where they were
So that they could get back to STUR's!
Caught up with Dakotah at the station where they started
Then a change at L'Enfant Plaza it wasn't long before they departed
Shadow selfies are always a good idea!

Afterwards some of the crew went for breakfast - it wasn’t on the down low-
Would have been great if the service wasn’t so slow...
Meanwhile, the Beast is over in the land of Hawaii...
THE swim venue!

For work and to do a 2000 meter race with fins you see!
Swim bling!
She scored some bling and went on her way-
Saint Francis School
Touring the island and with Mike she will play!
Ready? Let's go!

Look at this cute face!

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