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Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Rap 2019 Edition

Saturday morning STUR met the Beast and Fernando at the Chinquapin pool -
It was so quiet, no swim lessons going on-very cool!
The Beast was adamant the group practice butterfly -
Lots and lots of practice and drills - oh my!
They survived all the butterfly!

Then STUR scooted off to do a CrossFit partner WOD -
Among other things there were 72 pull-ups each- good gawd!!
Next she and JRab got dressed up and went out to eat.
L'Auberge Chez Francois is always a treat
PBun had a two and a half hour trainer ride on Saturday
It was a stamina building workout you don't say
It included three rounds of zone 4 and zone 3
Followed by an off the bike run you see!
This was on PBun's warm up walk with Riley!

KBun saw one of Team Rabbit's mascot friends
A live bunny sighting is always a good omen!

The next morning, STUR really had a hankering for some hills…
She headed to Prince William Forest Park where she could get her fill.
STUR on the loop! Was she smiling because she would get a Slurpee later?

Around the scenic drive she did two loops-
And it was “no admission to the park” day- whoop!
PBun did a run right from her house
Headed over to Lake Accotink without a doubt
It's always fun to run under the Beltway!

It was mostly done on the neighborhood streets
But the turnaround at the park made it pretty sweet
PBun is happy this park is within running distance from her house!

Did not see any exciting wildlife
But saw the lake and the view was nice
Lake Accotink, looking lovely!

Stumbled upon an outdoor volley ball court
Over by the hidden bathroom she can report!
Volleyball anyone?

The Beast and Morgan rode Hains Point for 32 miles
Afterwards they stopped at 7-Eleven for Slurpees - all smiles!
Slurpees are always a good idea!
STUR might have also gotten one...
The ended up with 6 laps around the loop trail
Not too many - didn’t want to go off the rails!
On both days PBun did a little bit of yard beautification
She is hoping that one project helps with the erosion!
Pond pebbles for the win!

She is trying to entice the hummingbirds
But will probably get more squirrels – little turds!

Happy Easter from Team Rabbit!

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