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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Memorial Parkway Mountain Rap

On Saturday STUR got in a very crowded swim -
The possibility of getting a lane to herself was very slim...
Made herself stay for a longer time than usual -
In the end she made it happen - so doable!
Bright and early PBun hit up her bike, Trixie
For a three hour race rehearsal on the trainer you see
Ready to embrace  the suck!

Next up she went straight into a brick run
For four miles including two at race pace - fun!
And this was not the first time she'd run on this section of sidewalk!!

Around the 26 minute mark she took a tumble
Thankfully she is not too fragile!
She'll live!

Next she loaded her pup into the car
Headed to Acme P-A – not too far
For it was almost time to run Mount Summit
Just a 1200 foot gain to get to the historic resort! What?
There was a little canine reunion
Izzy and Riley together again!
Matching muzzles!

Sunday morning STUR had the GW Parkway Classic race -
Had a little trouble getting out of the house in this case.
Consequently got the very last shuttle leaving Eisenhower Avenue...
She eventually got there on time - don’t be blue!
Arrived in only enough time for a quick pit stop -
Off to the start line now - hop hop hop!
STUR took the time to focus on all the beautiful scenery -
Spring was in full bloom with amazing greenery!
She took it easier and enjoyed the crowd -
She’s got a long race next weekend for crying out loud!
Near the finish line she saw a thing so very neat -
A 91 year old man finishing his “early start” race - sweet!!
Way to go, STUR!

STUR grabbed her medal and a breakfast burrito -
Found a nice patch of grass for sitting, neat-o!
Jogged back to the King Street Metro once again putting on the gas -
For she had decided to give the provided shuttle bus a pass.
Once home she wondered how many “Classics” she had done in a row -
Turned out to be an even ten, what do you know?!!
Lazlo says, "Congrats, Mom!"

That morning before they left one mountain for another,
Riley met a duck named Frank - oh brother!
Riley was very interested in the duck!

Then the Acme crew headed on over to Hopwood
Made it in plenty of time – things were good!
PBun, Stilt, KareBear and her friend their Sherpa
Connected with Stilt’s friend and co-worker Hannah!
Smiling before the start!

This was Hangover Hannah’s first summit race
Out of the little group she had the best pace!
Early on they all were passed by something amazing
Three younger guys pushing and pulling an older man of all things
These guys were so awesome!!!

PBun was able to run over three miles before she walked
And only took three walk breaks – she was shocked!
At the finish Stilt was right there on her heels
They had seen KareBare’s ponytail ahead – for real
Afterwards PBun ran back down the ‘hill’ to the start
Met up with the rest at the bottom then they did depart
Off to the Main Street Deli for some food
Matching sweatshirts and coffee mugs put them in a good mood
Happy finishers!

Down in the Woodlands, KBun gave Ironman Texas a go
But ended up not making the bike cut off – oh no
Ducklings are the best!

She definitely enjoyed the pre-race ducks
They’re super cute and definitely don’t suck!
Swimming ducklings are even better!

The swim portion gave her a little trouble
But truth be told, triathlon racing is never dull!
KBun with the Ironman Voice!!

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