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Monday, May 20, 2019

Drag Hill Rap

When STUR arrived at Chinquapin it was a little crowded this Saturday morn-
She was motivated so her swim suit and goggles she did adorn.
STUR got in and got it done!

Swimming solo is not always the best-
She doesn’t always work as hard she must confess!
Luckily at the CrossFit box there was plenty of motivation to be had -
It was a partner WOD and she was glad!
Thank goodness this was a partner WOD!

Meanwhile, PBun hopping on her trainer
Just an hour spin – that was a no brainer!
Cool Breeze and G-Wham checking out the grounds at Greenspring!

Next up was a local garden show with Cool Breeze
Coffee first – if you please!
The historic house at Greenspring!

After that it seemed like never ending errands
Then a meeting at her pool – she got it done
Also planted some butterfly weed
She is hoping to attached monarch, you see.
Butterfly weed and swamd milkweed!

KBun got some swimming in
She is thinking about joining masters, for the win!
Mini Rabbit Reunion!

Saturday night some rabbits met at an awesome Mexican joint-
To get together and catch up was the point!
It was a nice get together here!

There might have been a couple of large drinks
But they left alcohol on the table…you think?
STUR and the sangria!

These drinks were huge!

Sunday morning STUR drove over to the Hill -
For her Sunday fitness the Capitol Hill Classic 10k would fit the bill.
STUR is ready to run in the hot sun!

A very popular race and it was once again hot -
Did she walk some? Yes but not a lot!

Grabbed a Gatorade and a free Propel -
Acclimating to some heat is really swell!

PBun and the Goodmanator felt the need for speed…
Like dragsters going over 300 mph, if you please!
That sun was bright and hot beating down on the track!

Headed down to Virginia Motorsports Park in North Dinwiddie
For the NHRA Mello Yello Virginia Nationals by golly!
Oh, it's just the pit crew putting the body back on the car!

Went on the Mello Yello walking tour and got to go on the drag strip track
Sat in a Funny Car simulator and received samples of the drink how about that?
The Funny Car simulator was fun and a tight fit!

Mello Yellow is good!

The track temp was 116 degrees at 11:17 am
At 2:00 it was 140 degrees - oh man!
PBun is excited to walk out on the track!

It was exciting because John Force entered the day as qualifier number one
Out of all 16 drivers in the Funny Car division
Introducing the Number 1 Funny Car Qualifier

In between rounds Top Fuel driver Brittany Force was just chilling out
But then came over to say hello to her fans that were hanging about
Brittany hanging out with her fans and her Top Fuel Dragster!

And in round one their favorite team John Force Racing went 4 for 4
But sadly in round two it was goose eggs across the board!
John Force Racing - it's like they have a mini city!

A cool thing to note about the NHRA?
Their technical school sponsor is where the Goodmanator went – no way!
It's the 'Christmas Tree'!

On Sunday CBun went on a hike with HRab…
And Hazel Falls was apparently pretty fab!
It was a great day for a hike!

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