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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Two Halfs and a Hundred Rap

On Saturday STUR looked at the work out and decide to go to CrossFit
Burpees and running always a perfect fit!
First was 2 miles run in a weighted vest-
100 burpees and pull-ups filled up the rest!
The lazy river looks fab!

Down in PCB, KBun had one of the toughest swims of her life -
But she made it through VERY well despite the strife!
KBun is on the run!

Through the day the temperature did climb-
KBun still finished in an excellent time!
KBun is in paradise!
KBun's finisher medal even looks like paradise!

PBun headed to the Kinetic Multisports Festival
Would the rain hold off? She would stay hopeful!
Parked next to a gal with a bike like Trixie…
But without the pink handlebar tape you see!
It was nice to hang out with Margie and Morgan pre-race
And Leslie was there Sherpa-ing in this case!
Before the warm up swim they saw a little frog!
Maybe he was searching for a hollow log?
PBun thought the swim was almost like glass
Mostly flat water and very little swimmer contact
In T1 a rack mate hung her wetsuit over the rail
Which was dripping on PBun's run stuff without fail
She made it out on the bike just fine
No issues headed uphill from T1, divine!
She was happy to have driven the course the week before
She was a little familiar with and knew the score
The volunteers were all really friendly
Especially the dudes where she took a pit stop to pee
Tried to monitor her heart rate and power
Needs a better system going forward
The skies were mostly overcast which made it pretty pleasant
Just a little sun coming out towards the end
Finally rolled into T2
Time to done ears and running shoes
The announcer was calling out to PBun
She said "I think you're going the wrong way, hon."
Then announced "she's going to the port a potty"
It was quite comical actually!
On the run course, the bunny ears got quite a bit of love and cheers
It was the first time they'd been at the Kinetic race it appears
Finally got to run through the finisher chute
Received a medal but no pizza, that’s the scoop
PBun was pretty pleased with her effort overall
Especially with her run split, y'all
Maddie is rockin PBun's finisher medal!

The mission? To be laser focused!
She did her best - it was really no fuss!

The Beast, headed to set up her transition area!

The Beast was there to do the Oly aquabike
She knocked it out of the park all right
The Beast earned 2nd place in her race without a doubt
But had to leave before the awards were handed out
PBun slept pretty hard on Saturday night
But woke up before the alarm, what a fright
Took a nap before arising for good
To meet some rabbits to swim what she could
Paddles, fins, and goggles at the ready!
Maddie was there to offer moral support!

Made it through 25 100s, more than half with fins
But looks forward to the next time she can do it again!
The Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex is a GREAT place to swim!

Initially STUR had some designs on a 100 100’s PR-
But as you may realize, that’s a long way to swim - very far!
STUR getting her 100 100s done!

STUR lost some 100s mojo around number seventy-six.
So she decided to put more strokes into the mix.
CBun getting her 100 100s done!

It was great having CBun along for the long haul
They both eventually finished them ALL

The pair couldn’t wait to take a turn on the slide-
Believe it or not it’s a fast little ride!
STUR is flying!

Here comes CBun!

Afterwards they decided to break with tradition -
Instead of Chipotle - Five Guys was their mission!

Back at home PBun decided to do some Mother's Day relaxing
Chilling in her new zero gravity chair was just the thing!
PBun loves her new anti-gravity chair!
Thanks also go out to PGoodz and the Goodmanator!

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