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Monday, March 11, 2019

Red Rap

It was the second Friday night of the month,  what does that mean?
Why ukulele club at Beverly Hills UMC for PBun and The Beast
PBun and the Beast, ready to uke around!

Small group this go around but it was good
Two hours to play a lot of songs, understood?
PBun was happy about her bike effort!

Saturday morning PBun had a solid training day
An hour 50 bike stamina session and 20 minute run - yay!
PBun was given a glass of water - in a cute bunny glass!

Afterwards she had a meetup with a few old friends
Lunch and mimosas that came in a bucket that was red!
The mimosas were pretty yummy!

A rabbit group of four was at the Wahoo KICKR class
At Green Lizard Cycling in Herdon to become bad @$$
Followed the class up with a 3 mile time trial
It was hard but in the end they had to smile
CBun, The Beast, BLUR and MRab
Were the rabbits representing - how fab!
Saturday night STUR had some visitors come in late-
Her brother Andy and Jeff flew into national- great!
To bed early as they were going to lose an hour-
Avoiding a mood in the morning that was sour.
Picked up BLUR and it was still pretty dark-
Arrived Haines Point and very very easily found a place to park.
Small race with a start of 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1 GO
Still drizzly and chilly don’t you know.
The double out and back course was very runner friendly
The whole group could say “hi” many times going by in a frenzy.
At the end of the 5k BLUR had a nice surprise waiting around the bend-
Hubby David came to cheer her on to the end!
Happy finishers with David!

Andy and Jeff had a great race and finished strong -
STUR was happy to get first in her age group- is that wrong?
Kickin' @$$!

Way to go, STUR!

Sunday morning was PBun's last group powerlifting workout before her meet
She had solid lifts and good squat depth  - neat!
Excited to squat using the 45 pound plates
First time ever for that - so great!
PBun was excited to use the 45s to squat!

That afternoon she and her son took a drive
To have lunch and a visit with extended family, no jive!
Sunday afternoon STUR and her group headed over to the National Cathedral
So lovely!

To hear an organ recital - loud and impressive y’all!!
And it sounded fantastic!

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