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Monday, March 7, 2016

16.2 Rap

Friday night STEB headed to watch party 16.2
It was fun cheering on the MVCF coaches, true

Girls hitting the (toes to) bars!
(Photo courtesy of MVCF!)
Boys turn!
She was excited to do the scaled version herself
Had to start early - or else!
NOTE: Not the scaled version!
You can find that about halfway down on this link, here.
STUR met the Beast Saturday morning for 2700 meters in the pool;
Their lane was pretty crowded but it was all cool!
STUR ready to tackle 16.2 scaled!
Next STUR was happy with her effort at open workout 16.2-
All of her squats were legal - it's true!
On her squat clean she achieved a PR!!
This Rabbit is really enjoying the Open so far!
Saturday morning STEB was up at the crack
Got into the groove with fun tunes, that's a fact!
Turns out she was in the first heat
Getting it done early can't be beat
At first the HLR went pretty well
But on the third round she nearly fell
STEB trying not to lose her grip!
(Photo courtesy of MVCF!)
Off the bar that is because she couldn't keep her grip
And her hands always wanted to slip!
Couldn't quite get to the third round of squat cleans
But she had a blast if you know what we mean?
Date night again found STUR and BRab at Olive Garden...
After the last two dates it felt like a bargain!
Date night number 3!
They were able to play electronic trivia right at the table,
For a fun distraction they were very grateful!
Sunday STEB headed back to the box
Got in a solid run - that rocked
Next STUR and STEB went to Ali's booty camp
Exercises dealt with a deck of cards - they were champs!
Burpee jacks, v ups, kettle bell rows to name a few
They whole class worked up a sweat before they were through!
After booty camp STUR couldn't resist a nap -
But before she knew it she had to wake up - oh snap!
Time for a swim with the Lane 4 Masters group,
Got in 3500 meters - whoop!
16.2 (scaled) - check!

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