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Monday, March 21, 2016

16.4 Plus Rap

16.4, we are ready for you!

Friday night STEB headed to Watch Party 16.4
Julie, Coach Dan, and Magnus in 16.4 Action!
That workout looked to be the toughest of all so far!
Coach Ali and Dan, getting it done!
Afterwards, STEB headed on back home
Needed to get as many Zs as possible, you know.
For STUR this weekend's activities was a bit of an unknown...
Hoping that especially the CrossFit Open wouldn't be blown!
As it turns out her knee was better and tried to behave,
She didn't actually have to be that brave!
Met RBud at the pool early on Saturday morning -
Good to have a buddy so it wouldn't be too boring!
For the 2500 meters, flip turns turned out to be a bit of a challenge
Pushing off with one leg was all she could manage.
Got to CrossFit in time and was ready for the open
Deadlifts, wall balls, rowing, and push-ups - they're not joking!
The deadlifts went fine and she ripped through 55 reps -
But she knew that wall balls were next…
For those her squat depth was not quite the standard -
But don't worry for STUR was not angered!
She got in yet another good workout at the box
The CrossFit Open really rocks!
STEB was very nervous about the 16.4 Open Workout
Not sure how her breathing would be, without a doubt
After the deadlifts things went a little down hill
But she got into a wall ball rhythm so that wasn’t a pill
The rowing was hardest of all on her breathing it seems
This time, the push-ups were only in her dreams!
16.4 Success!
After, STUR and STEB celebrated the birth of the Slurpee
With the Bring your own Cup day – and they did, with glee!
Next the Rabbits and a Rabbittear met up for dinner and some laughs -
They even managed to take one photograph.
All the Rabbits together? What?!
And with our Number 1 Fan!

Sunday morning STUR had a 5k race to do… WHAT?!
Wasn't sure her knee was ready, but trusted her gut.
It was the Spring to Spring 5k held at Fort Hunt Park -
Longest run in over four months? Yes - check mark!
STUR Finishing Strong!
Photo Courtesy of The Fun Runz
Then headed to the box for a little boot camp action -
Hoping her sore muscles wouldn't put her in traction!
The "action" included even more running -
Also wall balls, ring rows, and push-ups kept her arms pumping.
Enjoyed some relaxing time at a movie with Abbi and STEB...
Did she treat herself with popcorn? Yep!
Aside from the movie, STEB laid low
Did lots of napping, don’t you know!

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