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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

16.3 Rap

STUR started off the weekend with a celebratory run
1.7 miles to the Armory and she was done!
But for her it was kind of a big deal -
As she hadn't run in four months, for real?
Friday night STEB hung out at the watch party again
The coaches and their bar muscle up were amazing, amen!
Girls getting it done!

The Dans getting it done!

STEB tried one jumping C2B and failed...
What would happen Saturday? Would her workout be derailed?

Saturday morning STUR went to swim as is her usual habit
The Beast swam longer, but only 2800 meters for this rabbit
For of course she had to rush off again to the CrossFit box
Hoping workout 16.3 wouldn't knock off her socks
Open Workout 16.3 - Rx and Scaled!
She enjoyed it the most of all so far
And was able to get her chest up to that bar!
STUR chilling on the C2B platform after!
Turns out STEB got some jumping C2B done in practice,
And she got some reps that counted with just a little fuss
Open Workout 16.3 - check!
Next she had afternoon coffee with RBud planned  
And time to deliver Olivia the new bunny, understand?
STEB's day kind of went downhill from there.
Allergies hit her in full force. Oh dear.
The rest of her weekend was filled with rest
Because she needs to be ready for 16.4, no jest!
Saturday, WuDoc completed the DC Rock N Roll Half Marathon
Spotted a lot of our old Team Z mates, too, as she ran along!
CBun went on a run on her own and enjoyed the scenery
To the Falls and back, the views were very pretty!

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