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Monday, January 7, 2019

Under Weather Rap

This weekend STUR and JRab had a very special house guest-
He is a big boy named Sir Beatle and he was the best!
Sir Big, err Sir Beatle!

Lazlo was away getting some training -
Soon lots of confidence he will be gaining!
On Saturday STUR stepped away and got in a run of 9 total miles -
She was wearing short sleeves in January? All smiles!
Crazy mild weather, but no complaints!

Partway through her ran she arrived at CrossFit<
This was more than a warm up of that you can bet!
Then got in a huge variety of stuff with a partner
Having a time cap made it even harder!
Back to the metro and home for dog walking-
Beatle is so good on a leash it’s shocking!
Meanwhile PBun did some swim~bike~run training
Basically an indoor tri, but not because it was raining! 
She and Andrew attended a baby shower that afternoon
Maybe PBun should have held the sign properly?

The funny photo booth signs and being with family put her over the moon
Happy parents to be!

Sunday STUR woke up feeling a tad under the weather…
She wondered if swimming would make her feel better?
It wasn’t the worst but she was the most happy to get her Lazlo back-
Even though he clearly enjoyed being with a dog pack!
Sunday PBun she took her pup on a nice walk
Followed this with powerlifting class and some squats
She's pretty sure she's gonna have DOMS
A nice afternoon nap didn't hurt none!
MRab and his wife hit up the Blue Brothers Review at the Hamilton
They were rocking!

From the looks of things it was tons of fun!
Is MRab on a mission?

CBun had a pretty fun experience to start off January
Little different than bicycle helmets!

She went for a ride with CRab on his Harley!
Turns out KBun is also under the weather
Hopefully next weekend all the rabbits will be healthy together!

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