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Monday, January 21, 2019

Early Rock Rap

STUR was looking forward to her Saturday morning activity
It had been two weeks since she ran you see.
Headed out on neighborhood roads to avoid the snow-
Still found some slippery spots don’t you know.
She went back and forth and up and down-
12 miles total without leaving her town!
Walked Lazlo a bit over a mile through the hood-
Quickly got a shower- it’s all good!
Excited to meet PBun for lunch and a play-
Jumping into an Uber is how they got away!
PBun started her day taking Riley for a walk
Then it was time for a bike run brick. Not a shock
Things went off without a hitch
After cinnamon rolls she got ready lickety split
Headed downtown to the National Theatre
Upstream through the Women's March went PBun and STUR
First grabbed lunch at Panera Bread
Where seating was kind of limited
Arrived at the theater in plenty of time
And acknowledging it is not a crime!
Let's get rockin'!

The lights went down and the show got under way
They were going to stick it to the man, no way!
The School of Rock was so much fun
A band with talented, young musicians!
Dewey Finn even did an amazing box jump
By the end he finally got a couple fist bumps!
Sunday PBun was up early to get in a run
On the treadmill is how she got it done
After that she headed over to Tysons Playground
All over body Powerlifting is what went down
PBun was definitely early!

She was reminded to “Chase Greatness”
And of course she did her best!
Love this message!

Next up she had a coffee ‘date’
With some high school friends – isn’t that great?
Coffee with friends is always a good idea!

On Sunday STUR walked with Lazlo for a whole 5KEH-
Even in the wind he tries really hard to obey
STUR then got to the pool extra early -
Got in a 3 mile swim even through the crowded hurly burly!

Fun School of Rock videos from Broadway.com via YouTube!

Stick it to the Man!

Teacher’s Pet

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