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Monday, November 5, 2018

Alligator Drag Rap

Friday night PBun picked up her son
After a minor weather related airport diversion!
The rain caused the plane to land at IAD
Instead of DCA where it was supposed to be
PBun ended up picking PGoodz up at IAD!

Saturday morning PBun started things with a swim
Then the Bohemian Rhapsody movie with PGoodz for the win
Beautiful blue sky after all the rain the night before!

Finally took down Halloween decorations
While PGoodz assembled the old Lego pirate ship for fun!
STUR was very happy to have a low key weekend- 
Many races and events around the bend!
Did a home WOD with reps of a hundred 
Some of her favorite exercises together were bundled.
STUR and JRab then had a fun night out-
Enjoyed their time at a play without a doubt.
Happy for date night!

Sunday morning PBun hopped on her bike trainer for a bit
Then made a yummy French toast breakfast
Next she and PGoodz headed to Van Dorn Street station
Off to FedEx Field to cheer on the team from Washington 
Beautiful day for a football game!
Despite the Skins loss, they had fun!

As they made their way towards Redskins nation...
The guard warned them to look out for the defecation
There was a huge pile of horse poop
Didn't want to step in it - and that's the scoop
Sunday STUR got antsy sitting around all day-
So she went in extra early to the pool to play.
Got in 4600 meters - longest swim in awhile.
Being at the pool always makes her smile!
KBun will become an Ironman. AGAIN!

KBun successfully completed IMFL!
Down in Haines City, isn't that swell?
KBun found her name!

The swim was a two loop course in Lake Eva,
They dragged lake for alligators first, would you believe?
The bike wasn't flat but it wasn't like IMLou or IMLP
But there was a mini Keene descent apparently
She had to deal with rain on the run
But at least it wasn’t chilly without the sun
Crossed the finish line with a great, big smile
Now she can kick back and relax for a while!
Here she comes!

Look at that smile!

Congrats to KBun!!

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