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Monday, October 29, 2018

Reunion Disco Rap

STUR took a trip down to the lake
It was a girlfriend college reunion for goodness sake
Visited lots of breweries and went on at least one walk
Pretty much all they did was talk
They did a lot of laughing, too!

STUR  thinks being with old friends is good for the soul
To do this at least once a year is now their goal
Saturday after a swim run brick
PBun took Trixie to get service lickety split
Also dropped off her wheel that was flat
The one with the tubular tire, natch
Then headed out to Herndon town
Lunch and a visit with NanWa was going down
Hit up Guapo's - their favorite haunt
Good food and conversation was part of this jaunt
Coffee is always a good idea!

After coffee they headed over to the Party City shop
Needed some trunk or treat supplies - chop-chop
Sunday PBun did a bike run brick
Trainer and treadmill and she kept it quick
After she got ready for the trunk or treat shindig
A disco theme complete with a disco ball - but not too big
"Let's Boogie!" complete with ABBA playing on Spotify!

It was fun and she won prize for most creative
She must admit that it was pretty festive!
PBun thinks the "Murdering Logger" deserved an honorable mention!

KBun is preparing for IMFL next week
With a 70 mile trainer ride and 10 mile run - neat!
KBun's flower from Buck's from the IMLou trip and her bike trainer in the background!

CBun went on a 22 mile long run -
Then with CRab it was haunted house fun!
The Beast went out and got her run on - sweet
Since the pool happened to be closed for a swim meet.

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