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Monday, October 22, 2018

Creeper Canada Rap

Friday morning PBun took Riley to work
Then headed to Acme P-A to Stilt's, of course!
Riley had a reunion with her dog mother
That's Izzy from PA, and no other!
Izzy and Riley, reunited again! 

After a nice meal of mashed potatoes and pot roast
Suzy's frozen custard for dessert is the most!
Saturday early she then hit the road
Off to Detroit city, don’t you know?
For the Free Press International Half Marathon race
With RBug and a couple of her family members in this case
Race on Sunday morning and it was a bit chilly
Kept warm pre-race in the corrals, silly
It was warm in the corral with all the people between the tall buildings! 

Before this PBun had a little accident
Got her thumbs pinched in the port a potty latch
Her left thumb was actually cut and bleeding
But a tissue in her glove kept it from leaking
PBun's thumb, after she cleaned it up! 

It was super cool to run over the Ambassador Bridge to Canada
Approaching the Ambassador Bridge! 

Did PBun take a bridge selfie? No duh!
This was a cool bridge to run over! 

The folks in Canada were happy to be out there to cheer -
PBun saw her favorite sign ever over there!
Lots of folks were there to welcome runners to Canada! 

A few miles along the water before heading back to the USA
Better show your bib number or they'll stop you - no way!
Down through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and then back up
Welcome Back to the USA - suck it up buttercup!
Lots of folks welcoming the runners back to the US! 

While in the tunnel would you believe they found Waldo?
He was actually a nice guy from Kalamazoo!
HERE'S Waldo! 

PBun and RBug ran the whole race together
Finally - sprint to the finish and it's over!
Thrilled to get not one but two bottles of chocolate milk
And a bag of recovery foods - that was legit!
SO NICE to be given a bag of goodies post-race and not have to juggle stuff!

The walk back to the car was bitter cold
But Krispy Kreme donuts were the reward on the way home

JRab and STUR went on a camping adventure-
Drove down near Mount Rogers in all its splendor.
Nice view!

It's the highest peak in Virginia, don't you know-
STUR's brother and sis-in-law were along too- it's a go!
Every night a campfire and a great home cooked meal-
Ate things called "greggs" and "slump" and "banana boats" for real!
A view of camp! 

Friday took a bike ride down the Virginia Creeper Trail -
Lots of beautiful scenery without fail!
Let's get riding!

The Virginia Creeper Trail is fun! Except for the hornet...

Sis-in-law Pam got stung by a hornet-
Did he want her apple? You bet!
Saturday the group took a 4 mile hike  on the actual AT -
The Appalachian Trail is quite a beauty!
The white blaze on the AT

The last night was very windy and cold-
These two did some real camping - they feel pretty bold.
BLUR and David went to the Bark Ball with friends
Nice to support the animals and Humane Rescue Alliance, understand?
Bark Ball for a Great Cause!
Team Rabbit loves the Humane Rescue Alliance!

CBun and CRab did the wine tasting, apple picking, pumpkin patch thing - 
The crisp Fall weather really made them sing!
The Fall weather made CBun and CRab smile, too!


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