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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Deck Warming Rap

Since SRab got to sleep in both days this weekend
She figured she could do some workouts within reason!
Saturday a six mile run on a trail that was muddy;
Good thing she didn't have Time, her biking buddy!
Sunday did some hot yoga then what the heck?
Had a few peeps over for a party on the deck!
On Saturday EBun did a broken brick workout.
Started with an outdoor bike loop with RBud no doubt! 
Followed that with a short little run;
Then back home on the trainer for more bike fun!
Later did a super short swim at the pool...
Then grabbed some Vitamin D; it's all cool!
Sunday she did the Runwith Dad 5K.
Even dragged her younger son out to play!
Met up with an oldfriend and her family
Then later partied on SRab's deck, you see! 

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