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Monday, June 23, 2014

Shuffle Rap

EBun started the weekend with a Friday swim, just went easy.
More work to do on her weak side breathing you see!
Saturday was four loops at Prince William Forest Park as planned...
A top speed of 40.2? Yes, it was grand!
Followed that with a short little run
How many miles did she go? Just one!
For her 26 miler SRab called on all the troops -
Great to see EBun flying with Trixie on the loops!
Then STUK came to run and told lots of good stories...
She was making sure their run wasn't boring!
Next up was Tim who told some funny jokes -
Kept SRab's mind occupied - that's right folks!
STUK called their run the "CanLake Shuffle"
Since there's no way their feathers would ruffle!
Then on Sunday morning EBun did a run / swim brick
Run was slow and easy but the swim involved lots of long course kick!
There was even an RBud sighting! 
At the pool where she was also swimming!
SRab knocked out her hot yoga early
So later she could see the Nats win, surely!

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