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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Perfect Rap

On Sunday EBun ran the Perfect 10 K!
That's the name of the race? You don't say!
Took two miles easy for a warm-up...
Then ramped it up after for her tempo run make-up!
Ran with friends RBug, SRab, RBud, and Jeff:
Team Rabbit and Friends!
A race with friends is always the best!
A quick hello to runner friend Kim...
She runs miles with smiles - always a win!
EBun and RBud ran six point two;
That meant 10 miles was what the others would do!
And SRab started her day with even more...
Wonder what was the final score?

The final score with dog walk and all was 16.8!
But did SRab do something on Saturday? Yes.. Just wait.
She learned a lot in a 4-hour Bikram Yoga clinic-
There is so much to it - it's no gimmick!
Back to the perfect 10 miler report:
SRab ran a quick 3.5 before - seemed so short!
Don't worry she got in another longer ten.
And someone asked if she was a playboy bunny!! Not again?!
Happy her running peeps stayed around to see her finish on the track -
EBun even did some AUsome burpees! That was whack!!

Running around Reston makes Rabbits strong!
And PRRaces are the bomb!

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