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Monday, September 22, 2014

Homecoming Rap

Before the weekend SRab did a long back to back-
18 one day, 17 the next - of course she's keeping track!
The 18 miler took her by Mt. Vernon...
The weather was perfect – that’s for certain!
On Friday she did some out and backs right from her door -
Surprisingly enough it never felt like a chore!
All that's left in Can Lake training is the taper;
Always looks so much easier on paper!
Training complete, she headed off to Wake Forest
Lots of friends came into town for our 25th as promised!
The class of '89 gathered on campus for their own special event-
Lots of "Hey, how are you?" under a beautiful tent!
Saturday was a perfect day for tailgating and football;
It was homecoming after all!! 
Had great seats and we won the game:
Great Wake Seats!!
Went out for one more drink so we wouldn't feel lame!
Said goodbye next day, "We'll see you when we're fifty!"
Planning a get together for that - isn't it nifty?
And as planned, EBun got in her three workouts on tap!
Saturday after swim saw new Rabbit friend Lissa, how about that?
Then EBun headed on out for a five mile run...
Seemed a bit humid but was all good – she got it done.
Sunday morning was time for another mountain bike ride.
Took the warm-up loop around Lake Accotink all in stride!
Then it was time to explore some more single track:
A few creek crossing and log hops gave her no flack!
In the end EBun didn't have to walk and she stayed upright -

SRab would have been proud – this was outta sight! 
Did you know that WuDoc conquered another Ironman race?
Yes - Ironman Maryland in Cambridge, was the place! 

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