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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hippie Trails Rap

Last weekend, EBun did a little swim, bike and run
Not in that order - total miles over a dozen!
After a fun MOTR dinner on Friday night
She got up in time without a fight!
Saturday morning she was back in the swim -
The workout was good with all the stokes of an IM!
After she hit the nice park trail;
Two out two back easy without fail.
Sunday EBun brought out the mountain bike,
And saw lots of peeps taking a hike!
First was a loop around the Accotink lake
She ran into Jeff then Ryan for goodness' sake!
Moving right along it was time to test
Her memory of the trails, which wasn't the best!
All the while she thought of her ultra friends:
SRab, STUK, and N2 - the fun never ends!

The hippies are coming, the hippies are coming!
And soon many groovy 60's songs they'll be humming!
That's right- it was time for the Running Fit Run Woodstock race weekend-
On lots of fun with STUK and N2 you can depend!
Tim and SRab were the first to arrive in Michigan-
Seeing some friends and family was their first mission.
Then STUK and N2 arrived on the same plane -
Just in time to pick up race packets - they couldn't complain!
The race start was at the Hell Creek Ranch-
But wait? Did anyone forget their hydration vest per chance?
Yes STUK did so they left the hippie campground -
Next at a Running Fit store they were found.
STUK found a perfect hydration vest-
Not to buy anything would put SRab to the test!
So she bought a cute tie-dyed running top -
Decided to wear that new item in the race - no one could make her stop!
(Disclaimer: it worked out fine no chafing in sight -
But one must never wear anything new in a race, right?)
Went out for a nice dinner in Ann Arbor -
As they ate the skies were getting darker.
A vicious storm blew through in the over night-
Thought of the 100 mile runners out there in it-what a fright!

Hippies Starting the 50K
Good morning! Early AM started off a bit humid and dark
Nonetheless they headed over to the park!
Met up with N2 and switched on the head lamps -
Ready to tackle the trails like champs!
The trails at first had SRab a little taken aback-
But she righted her head and got back on track!
Once the sun came up lots of company on the trail-
Peeps doing 100k. 100 miles all friendly without fail!
SRab had a little tumble about 5 miles in;
Luckily didn't get hurt so she would grin!
Ran into STUK when she reached a 10K -
Once they hit a downhill - she was on her way!
There was a crazy section that was full of mud-
Tripped and put her hands right in it - crud!
Hit the halfway point now they've seen it all
Started the second loop with STUK - they were having a ball!
However their brains seemed a bit fuzzy-
Tim saved us from starting off the wrong way - lovely!
They got split up - SRab had to take a potty break-
Behind a tree? If that's what it takes!
Next 8 miles uneventful just getting it done;
Shout out to the aid stations -which were well stocked and fun!
Feeling good and cruising then would you believe?
From the actual race course SRab took a reprieve -
Dead end to a boat launch she knew she was lost;
An extra .8 miles was the final cost!
Found the turn that she missed and went on her merry way;
No way was this going to ruin her day!
Now it was time just to finish this thing -
So many bunny ear shout outs she wanted to sing!
N2 had finished hours ago and was waiting with Tim.
"Bounding" out of the woods to the finish line it was great to see them!
STUK finished soon after and they headed for a hot dog -
Guess they deserved it after all those miles they had logged!

All Hippies Present and Account For. And Finished! 
Got cleaned up which was very much needed-
To a kind of mud bath they had all been treated!
Celebrated at dinner with meat and beer -
Toasted their accomplishment for sure - never fear!
N2 and STUK returned home the next day -
While Tim and SRab stayed to play.
Went for a night to Mackinac Island -
A more quaint 8.2 miles you won't find!
The Running Fit Run Woodstock race was an A+ event they must say-
Maybe SRab'll go back one day and do the 100K??!!!

Hippie Bling!

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