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Monday, April 10, 2017

Snow and Row Rap

Friday morning STEB took Riley to work for the day
Riley doesn't bring home the bacon...she eats it!

Then from there they went to P.A.
Would you believe they drove through snow?

They got a few inches in Acme, don't you know!
Snow on Friday...

STUR got up right on time this past Saturday -
Destination was the Mt. Vernon Trail - she was on her way!
But her plans unfortunately were temporarily dashed...
In a blink of an eye there was a bit of a crash!!
A car seriously came right out of nowhere-
Not going to lie it gave her a scare!
After the police and filling out forms-
She was on her way to run- don't be alarmed!
She now had a little less time than she had originally planned -
Believe it or not on the trail 6 miles she crammed!
Had to get to CrossFit Kingstown to learn how to row -
She was a little bit late - but it was a go!
Learned the catch, pull, recover and 60/20/20 rule -
Did better in her second 500 meter effort - COOL!
Afterwards did one more running mile -
Getting in her 7 made her smile!
BLUR's Saturday plan was for a run of four miles or more
Poor David needs time to get out the door, but Blur's run was calling for sure!
So off she went to reconnect after mile two -
With glorious weather and skies of blue!

Saturday morning STEB and Stilt relaxed for a bit
Then it was off to a basketball tournament
Go Jacob (#13)!

From there they headed to her aunt and uncle's house
They were celebrating her uncle's birthday without a doubt
There was also a dog party going on
Izzy, Riley, and little Millie we're playing on the lawn!
...Green on Saturday!

After dinner and some birthday cake
Suzy's for ice cream for goodness sake
Pup cups!

Then back at Lynn's it was movie time
And Riley met her dad for the second time
Riley and Blaze!

Sunday morning STEB went on her run
The Acme loop!

Just a little 7 mile jaunt on some hills - what fun
Downhill first then it was flat
Hello downhill!

Then it was all uphill how about that?
It goes up and up and up!

She got to meet several dogs along the way
And even some horses - you don't say?
Friendly horse came over to say hi!

After breakfast it was time for her and Riley to depart
Back in three weeks for the Mt. Summit Challenge - that's no lark!
STUR's Sunday morning was pretty low key -
Had a super long swim planned for the afternoon you see…
Met the Beast an hour before Master's practice was to start -
They swam a lot of meters in the first part.
Later they joined the rest of the group -
Both girls had their longest swim of the year, that's the scoop!
Sunday BLUR had more fun with a new place to swim -
So nice to be asked to a club by Jim!
Finished the day walking to the running store with glee -
Ran down those old ones, so new, extra cushy Brooks woo wee!!!

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